Stila Pigalle & Stila Kitten EOTD

Stila Pigalle & Kitten EOTD

My quest to work through all my untried and unloved colour cosmetics continues, albeit somewhat slowly, and I’m starting to make some headway into the dustiest, most forgotten section of my eyeshadow crate, aka… The Stila Zone.

(I’m not exaggerating, it’s literally a crate.)

I have a few Stila eyeshadows and whatnot that I’ve collected over the years, but for some reason they’ve never really caught my attention. I’m not entirely sure why. The colour selection is vivid and varied for such a relatively small makeup line, plus the formulas themselves are flexible enough to be used wet and dry, even as a paste, but despite these strengths I’m still not inclined to reach for them. Who knows why? Sometimes you just don’t feel a brand, no matter how nice it is.

But! All is not lost. I unearthed a pot of Stila Pigalle and if you’ve been reading this blog for a while now, you’d know that I have a fondness for red and burgundy eyeshadows (like here, and here, and this, even this). Although they can seem like challenging colours to wear, warm reds and burgundies can be supremely flattering when used carefully. They warm up the eye area without causing visual flatness that can come with earthy browns, and they pop wildly against blue and green eyes. I also found a palette with Stila Kitten and decided to try out a combo of cool champagne and warm burgundy.


Stila Pigalle and Stila Kitten EOTD

  • First I primed the eye area from lashline to brow with Too Faced Shadow Insurance (original neutral formula) and swept a little primer along my lower lashline.
  • I applied a wash of MAC Cosmetics Shroom from crease to brow.
  • Across my mobile lid I applied Stila Kitten and blended it softly into and just above my crease. I dabbed a tiny bit of Kitten along my lower lashline; not enough to be pale and noticeable, but just enough to give some soft shine.
  • I blended Stila Pigalle on the outer corner of my lid, pulling it close to my lashline and blending it gently towards the middle of my lid. I then worked it through my crease with a dry fluffy brush, keeping it close to the fold of my upper lid. I then applied a dab of Pigalle along my lower lashline, working the colour close under my lashes.
  • Finally I curled my lashes and applied a light coat of Benefit They’re Real! mascara.

eotd-2013-stila02What worked:

  • Working Pigalle along my top and bottom lashline gave subtle definition to my eye. The burgundy has enough visual ‘weight’ that I could skip eyeliner entirely.
  • This look aged incredibly well. After a full day at work it still had shine and colour, and it hadn’t faded or turned muddy looking. Kitten in particular ages beautifully with it turning to a beautiful dewy looking sheen after a few hours.

What didn’t work:

  • The whole look was too cool toned for my liking. Kitten is so cool that it’s almost arctic, and it drained Pigalle of its warmth. Next time I’ll counteract this by using a golden primer or working a little warm gold cream eyeshadow underneath the powder shadows.
  • The entire look was just way, way, way too frosty. Frost overload. Frostocalypse. Kitten is such an ultra shiny frost that it overpowered everything around it. I’m generally ok with a generous amount of sparkle because I wear heavy browline glasses and have small piggy eyes, and some shine here and there catches the light and counteracts all that dark weight, but this was too much even for me. Next time I’ll keep Kitten as a dab of highlight in the centre of my lid and use a soft satiny shadow like Shroom across my lid.

What do you think? If you’ve got any Stila suggestions I’d love to hear them; I’m always willing to try – and keep trying – new things until they click and work for me.

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