Save The Date: Sydney Multi-Ethnicity Hair and Beauty Expo

Sydney Multi-Ethnicity Hair and Beauty Expo

Sydney Multi-Ethnicity Hair and Beauty Expo

I hope you’ve got next weekend free, Sydneysiders, ’cause there’s an excellent hair and beauty event happening on Saturday 16th of November at the Parramatta Town Hall: Australia’s first Multi Ethnicity Hair & Beauty Expo, created in partnership with the amazing Community Migrant Resource Centre.

Sydney – and in turn, Australia – is one of the most ethnically diverse populations in the world, but availability of and accessibility to hair and beauty products for non-Caucasian skin can be very thin on the ground and difficult to source. I’ve worked as a makeup artist across many different brands for years and it was a constant issue that colour cosmetic brands rarely ever acknowledged darker skinned clients, or only offered a limited palette range in the Australian market. It was frustrating for me, but I can only imagine how frustrating – even humiliating – it must be for my clients to have such a basic part of their personal care routine be such a source of trial and stress. Everyone deserves fair access to the daily luxury of beauty, be it practical things like hair treatments for non-caucasian hair, or the community feeling that grows around a local salon that understands your hair type,  or simply being able to talk makeup with someone who appreciates and understands the beauty of your complexion.

The Multi Ethnicity Hair & Beauty Expo aims to bring together consumers and representatives of the African, Desi, Asian and broad diaspora communities and promote brands and stylists that support these communities.

The Multi Ethnicity Hair & Beauty Expo will bring beauty consultants, health professionals, hairdressers, retailers, TAFE students, distributors and wholesalers to Paramatta’s ethnic community consumers. We aim to educate customers with knowledge on products and services available specifically within the health, hair, beauty and fashion industries. […] This event hopes to encourage Australian society to build a positive attitude towards people of colour and the significant role they play in enhancing a multicultural Australia.

It’s a fantastic idea and I highly support this new and exciting event, because as I’ve always said: representation matters, and accessibility matters. Everyone deserves to feel pretty.

The Multi Ethnicity Hair & Beauty Expo will be hosted at Paramatta Town Hall from 11AM to 6PM on Saturday the 16th of November.

The Multi Ethnicity Hair & Beauty Expo will not only set a platform for ethnic beauty and hair, but empower, encourage and inspire young people and women from diverse backgrounds to excel in their talents and skills.

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