Lancome Dreamtone serum skincare review

Lancome Dreamtone serum

Lancome Dreamtone serum

After six weeks of rigorous trial, I’m ready to join the chorus and add to the hype about Lancome Dreamtone serum. Let’s not beat around the bush here: it’s good. It’s really good. Like, eight hours of sleep and a glass of champagne good.

Launched in Australia back in September, this customisable serum corrects uneven skin tone, lightens pigmentation and has a cosmetic smoothing appearance thanks to a softly tinted pearl finish. Its the love child of cosmetics and skincare, blurring the line between an instant visual lift and long term skin improvement. It makes me look like a glowing healthy babe instantly, then actually makes my visage turn into radiant baby smooth even without those pearl boosters.

Do I sound overly enthusiastic about this? I probably do, but it’s with good reason. My skin looks freakin’ righteous these days, even with the occasional hormonal breakout and other day to day skin moodiness.

Lancome Dreamtone serum

Lancome Dreamtone serum

Something that’s both nifty and confusing about Dreamtone is the fact that it’s not just one serum, it’s three variations on the serum. Instead of a standard single option, Dreamtone is divided into three colour profiles; light, medium and dark. All varieties of Dreamtone contain the same base ingredients to treat universal issues such as pigmentation marks and freckles, post acne scarring, or hyper pigmentation spots, but the product is then split into three colour profiles that target skin conditions typical of – but not unique to – fair skin, olive skin and dark skin.

  • Fair skin: red acne scarring,  uneven skin colour, ruddiness. This shade has a soft golden pearl finish.
  • Medium skin: redness around the cheeks and nose, uneven skin colour, yellowness. This serum has a soft peach pearl finish.
  • Dark skin: colour difference between forehead and cheeks, blemish marks. This shade has a warm golden finish.

The nice thing about the Dreamtone serum is that it’s extremely customisable. The three pigmentation profiles are suggestions rather than limits, so choose what’s best for your skin concerns.  If you have fair skin that can get washed out and sallow, you can wear the medium colour profile, and visa versa. I wear the medium skin serum despite being a big white ghost because my concerns are more closely aligned to that particular blend of Dreamtone. My skin is fair and very translucent so my concerns were primarily redness around my nose, yellowness on my cheekbones and forehead, and my skin can look washed out and almost grey at times thanks to my very cool complexion. I know, I know. Imagine a fat Skeletor and that’s me. Pigmentation profile 2 is perfect for me not only because it treats redness and sallowness, but the peachy pink pearl gives some luminosity to my skin and supports my cool pink undertones without colour correcting.

The only limit I can see on these three pigmentation profiles is that very deep skintones could look ashy when combined with the peachy pink medium serum, and that super fair skin could look a little yellowy when wearing 03’s warm golden pearl, but as with most things your mileage may vary. A little dab of serum applied to your inner wrist will tell you immediately if the pearl pigment is wearable or not with your complexion, so take a moment to try before you buy. Dreamtone can also be applied over other serums thanks to its very light texture, and I’ve worn it under all sorts of different moisturiser formulas without issue.

I’ve been wearing pigmentation profile 2 for just on two months now, and I’m absolutely happy with it. I’m not much of a makeup wearer to begin with, but my base face for weeks has been Dreamtone and my regular untinted moisturiser, with maybe a dab of blotting powder on my t-zone on particularly hot days. It looks fresh and polished, and it’s just my bare skin: no tricks, no layering, just a glorious glowing complexion.

Something worth pointing out is that the luminous effect of Lancome Dreamtone serum is so subtle and not makeup-y, it would be perfect for a gentleman to wear daily. The boundaries between skincare and makeup are dissolving and men are beginning to take advantage of this with results that vary from impeccable to hilarious, but this serum is exactly the sort of thing I know a lot of my young professional dude friends are looking for to make them look less haggard without actually facing the prospect of being told to crack open a compact of Studio Fix. Call it a buff gruff hangover defeater in a (bright pink) bottle.

Lancome Dreamtone serum

Lancome Dreamtone serum

I think the biggest compliment I can pay this serum is that once my review tube runs out, I intend to repurchase it with my own money. That sounds crass, and there’s no way of phrasing that delicately, sorry, but given that I’ve got serums here to trial for the next five years the biggest confirmation I can put on Dreamtone is that I’m 100% ready to drop AU$105 on a fresh bottle in a few months. It’s on the pricier end of a lot of serums I’ve tried, but in this case I feel that it’s money well spent for my skin. I look well rested, my complexion looks silky smooth, and my skin has responded brilliantly to Dreamtone. Repurchase list: big fat tick.

Who: Lancome
What: Lancome Dreamtone Serum
How Much: AU$120
When: available now
Where: Adore Beauty, David Jones, Macys (US), Harrods (UK)

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