Swatchgirl Skincare on trial: the verdict has been postponed


Currently on trial in the Swatchgirl Haus du Skincare:

  • Lancome DreamTone in #2 – I’ve chosen this particular blend of DreamTone because it promises to help with skin that can go dull and grey which, as a pasty white gal with cool-toned skin, is an issue I deal with frequently. Grey is cute on my nails, but I don’t jive with my skin looking grey.
  • Skinstitut Hydrating Mask, a straightforward hyaluronic moisture mask with Syn-Ake, a peptide widely promoed as a topical that’s as effective as Botox. We’ll see about that.
  • Aesop Tea Tree Leaf Facial Exfoliant, one of my very rare forays into grit exfoliation. I’m a big advocate of chemical-based exfoliation so let’s see if this mix of tea tree leaves, crushed nut shells and purified clay can bring me over to the scrubby dark side.
  • Korres Black Pine Eye Cream is… ok, let me be frank here. I don’t use eye cream. I’m trying to make myself get into the habit of using it. This is my guinea pig product. Pray for me, friends. Pray for me and my tired dry eyes.

Check back over the course of the next few weeks when I dish up my verdict on these skincare goodies after completing a standard four week trial. Will I finally be hot and pretty? No, but I’ll probably have better skin. Stay tuned!

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