Hello Darling Fifty nail polish swatch & review

Hello Darling Fifty nail polish swatch

Hello Darling Fifty nail polish swatch

Oh please, like I wasn’t going to inevitably find a bottle of Hello Darling Fifty deep in the back of my untried nail polish drawer.

This concrete grey creme is a fantastic workhorse grey for both nail newbies and grey nail tragics like me: it’s a middle grey, neither warm nor cool, which makes it ideal for all skin tones because it isn’t going to contrast unflatteringly against warm, cool or olive skin. It’s a handy base shade for nail art because I can see it being handy for subtle gradients or faux flocked manicures (like this one that I handily prepared earlier), plus I could use a complementary pale grey or cream polish and splatter/fleck it to create a concrete-like effect.

I mean, I could if I wasn’t totally hopeless at nail art. I’m just an Ideas Guy, not a nail artisan.

On a practical note Fifty applies smoothly with a standard two coats for even coverage, although you could probably fake it with one thick coat if you were pressed for time and/or impatient. It looks wicked rad sealed with a matte top coat, so don’t forget to take that extra step and seal your lacquer in place.

It’s grey, baby. Grey nails, best nails.

Who: Hello Darling
What: Mirage nail polish
How Much: AU$18.95
When: available now
Where: Hello Darling

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