Good Morning Spring!

Good Morning Spring! With Grown, Aurora, L'Occitane, Origins and ModelCo

Good Morning Spring! With Grown, Aurora, L’Occitane, Origins and ModelCo

Good freakin’ morning! The sun is (probably) shining, the sky is (possibly) blue, the birds are singing and in general it’s Spring as heck outside. Haul yourself out of bed and seize the day with these warm weather wonders, my friend!

  • Grown Alchemist Body Cleanser is a lightweight bath and shower gel that’s earthy and inviting without being overpoweringly floral. My cranky irritable skin loves the light foaming formula because it cleanses without drying, plus it never clashes with my daily perfume. Nice! The packaging of this shower gel has changed since I took this photograph, but the ingredients and pricing remain exactly the same. (AU$24.95, Grown Alchemist)
  • Aurora Lemon & Ginger Tea is a chance find from my local IGA, and to be totally truthful I only picked it up because it had the nicest packaging design amongst a sea of gaudy Lipton boxes. Lucky I bought it though, as the ginger, lemongrass, lemon verbena and lemon peel makes for an ultra refreshing caffeine-free morning wakeup.
  • L’Occitane Verdon EDT is a new addition to my fragrance library. Now that the weather is warmer and my usual perfume is feeling a little weighty, I’ve shifted back to wearing brighter and crisper scents. L’Occitane Verdon Eau de Toilette is a burst of peppermint and citrus high notes balanced against cool water notes, with medium sillage and a surprisingly long wear time for an EDT. (AU$50, L’Occitane)
  • Origins Starting Over moisturiser was another chance purchase. I went to replace my moisturiser and found out that it had been discontinued, so I made a quick decision to try this mimosa and Argan leaf moisturiser which the young lass at Kit helpfully suggested that would be good for ‘mature’ skin like mine (I’m 30, so either I’ve got the face of a senior citizen or everyone looks ancient when you’re a fresh-faced 18-year-old shop assistant).
    Starting Over is a fine moisturiser, maybe not as plush feeling as my old tub of Make A Difference, but what makes it unique is its dry finish. Most dry skin moisturisers are heavy creams that absorb water and sweat and feel sticky in humid weather, but Starting Over dries to a velvety dry finish and doesn’t go tacky or ‘lift’ during the day. If you’ve got dry skin but can’t bear the thought of wearing heavy creams in the heat, take a peep at this lil’ number from Origins. (AU$69, Kit Cosmetics)
  • And if all of this fails to get you going in the morning, fake it ’til you make it with ModelCo Cheek & Lips. Dab some of this rosy stain on your cheekies and dab it on your kisser, and fake a radiant Springtime glow that lasts for hours. (AU$24, ModelCo)


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