Face of Australia Summer Lovin’ nail polish swatch & review

Face of Australia Summer Lovin' nail polish

Face of Australia Summer Lovin’ nail polish

Let me get the positives of Face of Australia Summer Lovin’ nail polish out of the way first, because there are a) many of them and b) they’re all strong positives.

  • It’s a perfect mix of pink and coral, bright enough to demand attention without being gaudy or neon. I’m starting to wear pink polishes again, and I’m cautious to err on the bright but not plasticky side of flashy power pinks.
  • Application was amazing. One coat straight from the bottle, no streaking, no bubbling, no bald spots, just pure full impact colour. Like I said, amazing. In my experience Face of Australia generally has a good track record on good budget nail polishes, and Summer Lovin’ continues that tradition.
  • The new bottle design is great. Square and flat-faced means that storage isn’t an issue, ’cause once you’ve reached my levels of polish collection you start to value maximising space super seriously.

Some seriously strong points in favour of Summer Lovin’, don’t you agree? But – and there’s a but – I have one deal breaker issue, and it’s this: Summer Lovin’ is a gritty finish polish, and I hate textured nail polish.

Face of Australia Carnivale nail polish collection

Face of Australia Carnivale nail polish collection

Normally I wouldn’t make an issue of this. I’d apply the lacquer, wear it for a day, then scrub it off and write a more or less objective review. Just because I don’t like textured polish doesn’t make all textured polishes inherently bad, you feel me? But, you see, I wasn’t actually expecting this to be a textured lacquer. The bottle doesn’t say it’s a texture finish, the display at Priceline (or what I could see of it, seeing as it was given the usual Priceline treatment and jammed into a deep unlit shelf) didn’t mention it, and so I was expecting a kickin’ rad bright pink cream polish and instead got an unwelcome surprise.


I’m one of those people who are hyper conscious of their nails: ridges, lumps, sharp corners, they all drive me crazy. If my nails aren’t filed smooth I’ll rub and worry at the edge until my nails break, or I’ll pick at any polish imperfections until it cracks and peels and destroys the surface of my nails. It’s an awful habit and I wish I didn’t have it, but using polish and careful shaping to rehab my talons is an improvement on compulsively tearing my nails back to nubs. I think you can see how a stealth gritty nail polish is exactly the kind of thing that does my head in. A gal has got to be prepared for this stuff.

Summer Lovin’ is a really great nail polish, don’t get me wrong. It’s an incredible formula, a rad colour, and it has one of the more attractive gritty, pebbly finishes I’ve seen on texture polishes since the trend took off last year. I just wish the fact that it was a texture polish had been advertised a bit better.

Face of Australia Summer Lovin' nail polish

Face of Australia Summer Lovin’ nail polish

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Who: Face of Australia
What: Face of Australia Summer Lovin’ nail polish
How Much: AU$5.95
When: available now
Where: Priceline, Big W & KMart

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  1. Kimberley

    You make a brilliant point! I only knew it was textured because I follow a few nailbloggers; but otherwise; nothing in the display would have said this.
    Nonetheless I love it on you!

  2. Elissa

    Great swatch! I don’t have this one but it looks great on you I think!

    Thanks for linking my post at the end of the post, by the way. :)


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