The Chap’s Pack: Lanolips Golden Ointment

Lanolips Golden Ointment

Lanolips Golden Ointment

I’ve blogged/tweeted/raved about Lanolips Golden Ointment many many times before (it’s my go-to product to heal up cracked lips and broken cuticles), and now The Chap is firmly on the Golden Ointment bandwagon.

This ultra rich mix of pure lanolin, manuka honey and vitamin e is amazing at softening tough dried and broken skin, as well as helping shallow cuts and skin splits to heal without drying out. The Chap works with his hands and is constantly buffeted by scrapes, cuts, bone-dry air conditioning, fuel, grease and constant salt water, and his manly paws can get beat to heck and back. He’s been stealing my nearly empty tube of Golden Ointment for months now, so I made the executive decision to gift him with his own tube to take away on an upcoming deployment to keep his hands in shape, his bumps and cuts in control, and his kisser in smoochable condition for when he gets back.

There you go, folks. Lanolips Golden Ointment: tried and tested from the safe confines of a leafy Sydney suburb all the way to a rough and ready remote deployment. Swatchgirl tested, The Chap approved!

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