Essie Butler Please nail polish swatch & review

Essie Butler Please nail polish

Essie Butler Please nail polish

Is there a better Spring colour than Mediterranean blue? Heck no, my friend. Essie Butler Please is my current go-to bold Grecian blue; crisp and bright and perfect for a sunny afternoon spent with friends. If you’re going to wear a nail polish that says ‘I am constantly drinking champagne and laughing uproariously whilst seated on a yacht with a white sweater draped around my shoulders,’ or at least hints that yachts and champagne and sweaters are a regular thing in your life, then this is pretty much That Colour.

Maybe I should buy a white sweater…

On a more practical note, Butler Please is a great example of what I’ve come to expect from an Essie lacquer. Application was an easy two coats, with the polish neither too thick nor too thin, and it dried to a smooth glassy and glossy finish.
My only beef with Butler Please is something I’ve experienced with pretty much every Essie polish, and that’s that it chips like crazy. The polish seems to get very brittle within a day, and I’ll have chips at the edges of my nail after 24 hours and no strenuous activity. Nail gurus say that Essie polishes wear like iron with an Essie base and top coat, which is probably true, but it’d be nice if the polish played nicer with other formulations. Great colour, great application, lousy wear time.

Butler Please is brighter and lighter than OPI OPI Eurso Euro, but very similar albeit fractionally darker than Nails Inc Baker Street and Ulta 3 Blue Marlin.

Essie Butler Please nail polish

Essie Butler Please nail polish

Essie Butler Please, via @theswatchgirl on Instagram. I’d had Butler Please on for less than a day and already had a few little chips appearing on the edges of my nails. A glorious, eye-catching, crisp and lovely colour, but less than stellar wear time.

Who: Essie
What: Essie Butler Please nail polish
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When: available now
Where: Adore Beauty, Priceline and

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