In Praise Of Sea Salt Spray

Holy heckola, consider me a convert to sea salt spray. I’ve never really used salt sprays since I started going super duper white blonde because I was worried about my already fragile hair drying out from the salt. Now that I’ve rehabbed my locks and can finally start styling a little more, sea salt sprays are my #1 bad bitch for easy no-effort styling.


Take the above ‘do, for example. I’m due to hit the hair salon and get my roots zapped anime white, but in the meantime I’ve got half an inch of saucy dark brown roots that need to be dealt with. My usual side part or sectioned pompadour is out because of the hard line of regrowth those styles would highlight, but I’ve come up with a quick and easy way to keep my hair off my face and visually soften that regrowth line until I can get my hurr did.

After lightly towel drying my freshly washed hair, I generously apply Original & Mineral Atonic Thickening Spritz (AU$28.95, Adore Beauty) to my roots and midlengths before drying my hair upside down until just damp. I then liberally spritz KMS California Hairplay Sea Salt Spray (AU$36.95, KMS California) all over and blow dry roughly while scrunching my hair between my fingers and twisting it into chunky pieces. The end result is textured, matte hair with lots of volume and a fairy-floss finish, and, best of all, no hard regrowth lines! I like to put it up in a quick and messy twist and pin bun which shows off my temple-to-temple undercut and gradient hair colour, as well as keeping it off my neck and out of my way. Easy peasy!


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