Endota Spa River Salt & Desert Lime shower gel

Endota Spa River Salt & Desert Lime shower gel

Endota Spa River Salt & Desert Lime shower gel

I need a lot of metaphorical kicks in the butt to wake up on these chilly winter mornings, and that’s putting it mildly. There’s nothing nicer than staying under a warm doona and staying in that sleepy, barely awake fugue state for as long as possible (while playing Animal Crossing on my 3DS) but, alas, I have A Job and Serious Responsibilities and other deeply unfun facets of daily life to attend to, and that means hauling my butt out of bed at ungodly early hours of the day.

I recently picked up a bottle of Endota Spa River Salt & Desert Lime shower gel and boy howdy, this is rated r for REFRESHING. Desert lime and lemon scented tea tree oil combine to make a tangy, crisp scent that clears every trace of sleepiness away, all without having to do anything more strenuous than open the bottle. I was a little leery of using such a citrus-heavy product on my cranky, reactive winter bod but my skin bits are loving this. The dissolved Murray River salt has all the softening effects of regular salt except without the drying scratchiness, and the heavy duty dose of aloe vera juice (#1 in the ingredient list!) leaves me feeling soft and silky. No itchiness, no dryness, just a clean bod and an awake mind.

Lime, man. Lime is the best. Bathe your booty in some lime goodness and be ready to face the day, even at 5:15AM.

Who: Endota Spa
What: Endota Spa River Salt and Desert Lime shower gel
How Much: AU$38
When: available now
Where: Endota Spa and Endota Spa locations across Australia

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