Three Ultimate Blow Dry Faves

Three Ultimate Blow Dry Faves with Original & Mineral, TONI&GUY and ghd

Three Ultimate Blow Dry Faves with Original & Mineral, TONI&GUY and ghd

Hand on my heart, I promise that I’ve been so much better about blowdrying my hair lately. As in I’ve actually been attempting it (with varying degrees of success) because, as I’ve learned, having dry processed hair means that you can’t just let it do its thing. You’ve gotta tame the beast, and tame it well with the help of so

Which is odd, when you come to think about it – the best way to combat the negatives of dry hair (it gets knotty easily, the ends can get crispy and tangled, it can frizz up) is to treat it with heat. A carefully application of heat, mind you, in tandem with a good ceramic-backed brush and some carefully selected products designed to add shine, moisture and protect the ‘do. But still, heat. The science of hair styling is some weird shit when you really think about it.

  • Original & Mineral Frizzy Logic Shine Serum (AU$31.95, Adore Beauty) has been a staple of mine for a while now. Before I start blow drying my hair I apply a generous – huge – dollop of Frizzy Logic to my ends and mid lengths, and scruff any leftover across my crown. This product gives my hair some smoothness and weight without being lank or heavy, and helps tamp down any bits of flyaway fluff that might appear if I’m not 100% studious with blow drying to 100% completion. Anything that makes ‘near enough is good enough’ a viable option for my hair is fine by me!
  • TONI&GUY Moisturising Shine Spray (AU$15.99, Priceline) is a super lightweight glossing spray. It has zero weight and zero stickiness, and I like to use it as a finishing touch over my crown after I’ve finished drying my hair. This is ideal for fine hair that gets overloaded easily, as you’d more or less have to pour half the bottle onto your locks before they’d lank and greasy looking. Not that I’d advise trying this out, mind.
  • ghd Heat Protect Spray (AU$24, ghd)is something I started using last year after some recommendations on Twitter. I’d had my fill of sticky, stiff heat sprays and was casting around for something a lot more lightweight, and a good handful of folks recommended I try this ghd spritz before giving up completely. As promised it has no stick and no stiffness, and it stood up to the big ballsy 220oC heat of my (occasionally used) ghd hair iron. It also provides a little bit of ‘slip’ to my hair when blow drying, meaning that I get less tangles and snaggles when I’m whipping my locks and contorting to get a nice smooth all-over polish.

There you have it. I have the tools and the products needed to do a great home blowdry, now all I need to do is learn how to actually, y’know, blowdry and then I’m made.


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