Face Of Australia Boogie Wonderland Glitterati nail polish swatch & review

Face Of Australia Boogie Wonderland Glitterati nail polish

Face Of Australia Boogie Wonderland Glitterati nail polish

Another nail polish, another jelly glitter sandwich! Face Of Australia Boogie Wonderland Glitterati nail polish from the Glitterati nail collection is a milky jelly confetti lacquer studded with multicoloured bars with purple, blue, pink and bronze sequin glitters.

Face Of Australia Boogie Wonderland Glitterati nail polish

Face Of Australia Boogie Wonderland Glitterati nail polish

I’ve been in a bit of a funk with my nails lately. If I had to put it down to something, I guess it’s that the fun has gone out of nail polish for me. I used to love messing around with nail polish, even back before I was blogging about nail polish. I loved changing my polish nearly every day, and it was never a chore to sit down and paint my nails before bed.

And then the fun just… left. I’m not sure  why. I went through most of month without painting my nails at all, and lately it’s been a complete drag to sit there in bed and change my polish. What’s the point? It’ll just chip or it’ll look bad and then I’ll have to do it all over again. Bleh. Grump, grump, grump.

So what, you say. So! A few days ago I looked at my massive drawer of untried polishes and Boogie Wonderland was sitting on top of the pile and had a vague memory that I’d liked wearing another lacquer from this collection. I grabbed Boogie Wonderland and just kinda slopped it on my nails. I didn’t bother with making it perfect, I didn’t fuss over the glitters (with one exception that’ll I cover below), I didn’t do anything more than a cursory two coat application. I halfassed it, in other words.

So what, you say again. Well, here’s the deal: Boogie Wonderland looked great. It’s cheerful and sunny, fun without being gaudy, colourful without being an eyesore. The semi translucency with just two coats didn’t look particularly finessed and flawless (as to be expected with how I just went ‘eh’ and sloppily applied it), but even with that handicap it still made my nails look bright and clean. The polish itself lasted for the best part of a week, which is pretty much unheard of for me – I type for ten to fourteen hours a day and even the most long wearing polish can’t face up to that kind of abuse. Yet Boogie Wonderland kept soldiering on, and finally only gave up the ghost when a long soak in the tub loosened my base coat lacquer.

For a random bottle given a shoddy application by a lacquer fan who can’t seem to find the effort and love anymore, this is GREAT.

Face Of Australia Boogie Wonderland Glitterati nail polish

Face Of Australia Boogie Wonderland Glitterati nail polish

Some polish practicalities: This polish is cute. Like, really cute. It’s playful and fun, with a good ratio of glitter to base. The polish itself is excellently made with the glitters maintaining good loft without needing shaking or rolling.

There is one downside to Boogie Wonderland, however, and that’s to do with those colourful bar pieces. They’re curved, and have a significant curve at that. It’s a dang pain in the butt to apply them because it seems like they’re always brushing on upside down or sitting sideways, poking up and leaving sharp little corners. I recommend keeping a pair of needle tipped tweezers close at hand to finagle the bars into laying flush with your nails. I left a couple of bars sitting-as on my pinkie (you can see them on the macro shot above) and they drove me mental. I found myself always worrying at it with my thumb or rubbing at it because it felt like the Great Wall of China on my nail. I’m a fusspot when it comes to texture on my nails though, so if you’re not inclined to textural fixation then those bars sitting anything less than perfectly won’t bother you.

Face Of Australia Boogie Wonderland Glitterati nail polish

Face Of Australia Boogie Wonderland Glitterati nail polish

What a rad nail polish, seriously. I’m so glad I tried this.

Who: Face of Australia
What: Face of Australia Boogie Wonderland Glitterati nail polish
How Much: AU$4.95 for 13ml
When: available now
Where: PricelineFashionAddict.com.au, Big W & KMart

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  2. Citygirl907

    I love this polish! I’ve only worn it once but I find that you can pull out any bar glitters that are sticking up when the polish is still drying without mucking it up :)

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