Pretty Serious CGA nail polish swatch & review

Pretty Serious CGA nail polish

Pretty Serious CGA nail polish

I’ve been meaning to post this nail swatch of Pretty Serious CGA nail polish for like… a year now. Maybe longer? That probably goes a long way to explain why my nails are so crazy long in these pictures when I’ve made a point of keeping them much shorter lately.

Anyway, enough of my inability to remember to post things when I’ve gone to the effort of swatching them! CGA from the Hello World collection is a light magenta purple nail polish with light cyan shimmer; a shoutout in name and colour to the very first generation of four-bit 16 colour IBM graphic cards released in the early 80s. What? I have varied interests, ok? Makeup and ancient computer debris are totally compatible hobbies.

It’s been a longass time since I swatched this colour so I’m a little fuzzy on the details, but I’m gonna take an educated guess and say that this was two thin coats over a clear base, topped with a gloss topcoat. I can’t see any streaking or bald patches, so it looks like it was a quality lacquer in terms of colour and application.

Pretty Serious CGA nail polish

Pretty Serious CGA nail polish

I’ve previously swatched another lacquer from the Hello World collection: VT100, a rich green shimmer lacquer.

Who: Pretty Serious
What: Pretty Serious Cosmetics CGA nail polish
How Much: AU$9.95
When: available now
Where: Pretty Serious

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  1. Julie L

    I never tried this brand but I am interested in trying it out. I love nail polishes and I also love purples. This will be on my purchase list.

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