Three Facial Exfoliants for Autumn/Winter

Three Facial Exfoliants for Autumn/Winter

Three Facial Exfoliants for Autumn/Winter

I can’t even begin to tell you how thrilled I am that the weather is finally cooling down, the leaves are beginning to change colour, and autumn is in the air. I love autumn. I mean, I seriously love autumn. The sunshine gets weak and watery, there’s a chilly nip in the air, and I can finally get mileage out of all my cardigans before it gets too cool for sweater weather. SWEATER WEATHER!

So now that I’ve established how much I love cooler weather, let’s discuss something more relevant to this blog: when the seasons change, so should your skincare. Now that the days of sticky sweaty humidity are over, it’s time to focus on exfoliants that promote smoothness and radiance without being harsh or drying. I’ve assembled three exfoliants that are perfect for keeping dull days at bay and will keep you bright and glowing all season long.

  • Origins Modern Friction is a rather unique facial exfoliant. Allow me to explain: rather than being a traditional scrub that removes dead skin by scraping it away, this is an ultra sticky concoction of rice starch and lemon oil. When massaged into dry skin, the rice starch is sticky enough to lift away dead skin without actually having to slough it away. The combination of lemon oil and aloe vera clarifies and soothes, making this a good scrub for people with combination skin. The trick is to apply this to dry skin or else you won’t get as much sticky power, and be careful when rinsing it off! That lemon oil can really sting your eyes if you’re not wary, trust me. I’ve been using this scrub on and off for around five years now, and it really gives my complexion a good kickstart during these dull days. Highly recommended for combination to normal skin types. (AU$56,
  • Uriage Gommage Integral Gentle Exfoliating Gel is a face and body exfoliating gel. Yeah, you heard me, face and body. Don’t be fooled though, this ain’t no harsh scratchy monstrosity, but rather an ultra-fine soap-free polishing gel suitable for even the most tender of sensitive/sensitised skin. Fine microbeads and hibiscus flower AHAs offer a two stage cleanse and exfoliate – the flower AHAs dissolve the bonds between dull dead skin, while the ultrafine beads gently polish the old skin away without being rough or abrading. I’m generally not a fan of physical bead exfoliators but my skin has really been thriving with frequent use of this product, so it gets a big tick from me. (AU$39.95, Adore Beauty)
  • Peter Thomas Roth Un-Wrinkle Peel Pads are a quiet unsung hero of my skincare arsenal. Well, relatively unsung. After all, I did give these a shoutout as one of my best skincare items in 2012! These textured 20% AHA/BHA pads are great for a once/twice/three times a week application to really get your skin moving and work away any deep-rooted congestion along your chin and jaw line. I like to keep these besides the bath so I can apply a pad to freshly cleansed skin, then kick back and relax in the tub while the exfoliating AHA/BHA agents get to work. These pads are relatively strong with an overall 20% active profile (including glycolic, salicylic, and lactic acids) so it will tingle/pinprick quite sharply if your skin is unaccustomed to using AHA/BHA products at high percentages. If you’re accustomed to such things, however, then these pads are an amazing little addition to your skincare regime.  (AU$56.95,

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  1. Justclara

    Hey I went to get the Origins exfoliator at Kit and asked for the sticky one but they didn’t know what I was talking about! I ended up getting Mario Badescu strawberry exfoliator but I should have checked back here first. Thanks for the recs :)

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