Soft Pink EOTD with MAC & Benefit - Soft Pink EOTD with MAC & Benefit

Soft Pink EOTD with MAC & Benefit

I’ve been off my makeup groove for a while now. Understatement of the century right there! For nearly a year now my makeup has consisted of little more than a wash of nude shadow, a thin flick of eyeliner and some mascara. Occasionally I wore a dab of colour, but I haven’t been feeling it for a while now.

Then, a month or two ago, I had some eye surgery. There’s nothing like like being told that you’re not allowed to do something to really make you want to do it, and being told that all eye makeup was verboten meant that I’ve been wanting to break out some eyeliner something fierce. It’s been a while since I’ve wielded a mascara wand though, so I thought I’d start with a simple but cute look using some MAC Cosmetics and Benefit Cosmetics products.

In a neat touch the MAC eyeshadows I’ve used were some of the first shades I ever purchased, proving that some things are always circular!

  • Firstly I primed with Too Faced Shadow Insurance in Candlelight. This remix of classic Shadow Insurance eye primer has a soft golden pearl in it, doing double duty to hide redness around my eyes as well as giving soft subtle sheen to highlight and visually lift my brow area.
  • Then I used MAC Cosmetics Shroom eyeshadow, a soft pearl beige, to highlight my browbone. This low-shine shade is great for filling otherwise bare skin, meaning that there’s no visually jarring texture difference between eyeshadow and naked skin.
  • Across my lid and through the socketline I applied MAC Cosmetics Swish eyeshadow, a girly musk pink frost. I used a damp brush to boost up the shine when applying this shadow – if I’m going to wear a pink frost, I want it to be frosty as hell!
  • To add a little contour and definition I applied MAC Cosmetics Cranberry eyeshadow into the outside corner and sheerly along the socketline with a soft fluffy brush.
  • Lashes were next on my list. I applied MAC Cosmetics LiquidLast Liner in Signature Blue along my lashline with a little flick to finish, then curled my lashes and applied a generous coat of Benefit Cosmetics They’re Real! mascara to my top lashes, and a very thin coat on my bottom lashes.
  • Finally I finished with MAC Eye Brows eyebrow stylo in Fling, a soft blonde taupe. I applied it in feather-light strokes, which gives soft hair-like definition without looking thick, boxy or heavy. The colour was concentrated on the outer third of my brows, leaving the inside

And there you go! It’s nice to be wearing makeup again, even if it’s just a simple slick of little girly-girl frosty pink.

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