Mani Monday: Grey ombre nails

I think everyone knows by now that I’m just terrible – terrible – at nail art. I’m uncoordinated and clumsy and completely lacking in the finesse needed to do fiddly fancy shit on my nails. I am, however, capable of doing something as simple as a basic ombre manicure. When I was Instagram waffling over which shade of grey nail lacquer to apply, the excellent gals there suggested that I wear all of them at once in a grey ombre manicure. Grey ombre nails: dead easy to apply and tailor-made for the indecisive. - grey ombre nails

grey ombre nails

Excuse how rubbish and red my fingers look in this picture, guh!

  • Index – Nails Inc ‘The Thames’, a blue-based deep grey.
  • Middle – China Glaze ‘Recycle’, a slate grey cream.
  • Ring – Orly ‘Mirror Mirror’, a cloud grey creme.
  • Pinkie – Darling ‘DeLancy’, a pale steamy grey.
grey ombré nails

grey ombre nails

grey ombré nails

grey ombre nails

And the Instagram evidence in question. Are you on IG? If so come holla at @theswatchgirl!

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  1. Sara-May

    I REALLY want to make a 50 shades of grey joke, but I KNOW I make them too often. So instead I’m just going to compliment you on your stunning manicure.

    I really like this manicure. It is stunning.

    1. swatchgirl

      I think that’s why I love grey nails so much as well – they’re understated yet bold, classic but in a very forward way. Plus, you know, I want to be a robot.

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