Face of Australia Lip Quench SPF30+ swatch & review

Face of Australia Lip Quench SPF30+

Face of Australia Lip Quench SPF30+

I’m gonna be totally honest with you for a second: I generally avoid drugstore lipstick brands. Maybe it’s because I have bad memories of my first ever lipstick being a no-name tube from the bulk bargain bins at the local pharmacy, some waxy rock hard monstrosity that stank like paraffin wax and applied as smoothly as a bunch to the lips. Maybe. Maybe it’s because I’ve never been much of a lipstick wearer, always preferring light balms and sheer glosses instead.

I’m always open to change, however, and a long time has passed since I started messing about with lipstick when I was a teenager. Drugstore doesn’t automatically equal nasty, and it turns out there are some great brands out there where you can grab something wearable and nice and still get change back from a tenner. This brings me to the subject of this post, Face of Australia Lip Quench SPF30+ lipsticks. I’ve tried these before and had generally positive reviews about these creamy lipsticks – they’re cheap, cheerful, have a good range of trend colours and wear rather nicely. Two new shades have recently been added to the lipstick range, bumping the line to fourteen colours.

Face of Australia Lip Quench SPF30+ - Peaches & Cream

Face of Australia Lip Quench SPF30+ – Peaches & Cream

Peaches & Cream is not a creamy peach colour, funnily enough, but a sweet rosey pink. There’s a touch of warm orange in the tube but when applied against my cool complexion, Peaches & Cream shows up as a straight rose pink. I applied two thin swipes straight from the tube with no lipliner and scored full colour with no smearing or wonky bald spots.

Face of Australia Lip Quench SPF30+ - Mocha Latte

Face of Australia Lip Quench SPF30+ – Mocha Latte

Mocha Latte is… well, it’s brown. It’s not a nude, it’s not a beige, it’s brown. Really not my colour, both in personal taste and actual flattery to my pale cool complexion. Don’t get me wrong, there are people out there who look great in brown. Like, the cast of the original 90210. Or Linda Evangalista circa 1994. Lisa Loeb. Everyone who wore those jewel-toned silk Gucci shirts. It’s a very early to mid 90s colour, if I need to belabour a point here.

That being said while it’s not the colour for me, I can see this looking great on South East Asian complexions and Desi gals for whom most beiges and nudes can end up looking washed out and grey. Give it a whirl, yo.

Face of Australia Lip Quench SPF30+

Face of Australia Lip Quench SPF30+

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Who: Face of Australia
What: Lip Quench SPF30+ lipstick in Mocha Latte and Peaches & Cream
How Much: AU$9.45
When: available now
Where: Priceline, FashionAddict.com.au, Big W & KMart

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  1. Sara-May

    I’m picking Peaches and Cream as the next big thing for Face of Australia. And also, Lisa Loeb! I would totally wear brown lipstick if I could be cool like her.

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