Australis Rose Tattoo nail polish swatch & review


Australis Rose Tattoo nail polish

Australis Rose Tattoo nail polish

A quick Monday manicure seems the best way to start a new week, dontchathink? I scored  a bottle of Australis Rose Tattoo after taking a lunchtime Priceline stroll  few weeks back. When I saw this lil’ bottle with a sale sticker, I skipped my afternoon coffee and nabbed this instead. I’ve been on a quest for a clean rose gold mesh polish for a while now, and it’s been surprisingly difficult to find. There’s a lot of rose gold frosts out there – gross and streaky 80s frosts, eurgh – but very few meshes. Gotta get those quest lacquers when you see ’em!

Rose Tattoo is a rose gold mesh lacquer made up out of copper and silver metallic flecks. When mixed together on the nail they form a true rose gold effect that is metallic yet not blinged out or overly glittery or shiny. Application was a breeze with just two thin coats needed for full coverage and a smooth finish.

Rose gold mesh nail polish: quest completed.

Who: Australis
What: Australis Rose Tattoo nail polish
How Much: AU$7.95
When: available now for a limited time
Where:, Priceline, K-Mart, Target, Big W and selected pharmacies across Australia.

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