Jo Malone Grapefruit Cologne

Jo Malone Grapefruit Cologne

Jo Malone Grapefruit Cologne

I’ve said over and over again that as a whole I tend to prefer men’s perfumes. I like clean green and oceanic scents, earthy notes and a bit of citrus tang to round out my perfumes. Sweet florals rarely float my boat and I’m not into powdery notes, big oriental notes or sugar scents at all. I wear a lot of Chanel Allure Homme Sport, lets put it that way.

But! I’ve decided to shake up my fragrance routine a little this year and step outside of my usual clean/bright/masculine scents. A dear friend of mine wears Jo Malone’s Nutmeg & Ginger cologne day in and day out, and it was on his suggestion that I make my first non-dude fragrance purchase at Jo Malone. A couple of months ago I popped by the Jo Malone store in the newly renovated David Jones store on Elizabeth St and explained my perfume tastes to an extremely helpful perfume guru, stressed no florals!, and let him choose a fragrance for me.

Which (finally) brings me to the subject of this post, Jo Malone Grapefruit Cologne. This unisex fragrance is a mix of bright citrus grapefruit and tangerine opening notes balanced by big bassy rosemary, vetiver and patchouli notes. I’m normally not a fan of patchouli anything, but the vetiver and rosemary combine with it to give the cologne a woodsy, slightly powdery drydown. Wear time is around five hours, and it’s strongly scented without being overpowering. The spray mist itself is quite wet and concentrated so I find it applies best when I mist it in the air and twirl through it like a fat ballerina. All class, all the time!

I find this cologne both very simple and deceptively complex all at the same time, which is… well, it’s interesting. It’s a unisex fragrance but in a very masculine way, but then again  find myself describing that as more of a feminine masculinity. Does any of this make sense? Probably not. Regardless it’s been a solid purchase that I find myself reaching for a few times a week, and I can safely predict that I’ll wear it more when the weather cools down and I can fully appreciate that big woodsy rosemary base note.

Who: Jo Malone
What: Grapefruit Cologne
How Much: AU$90 for 30ml
When: available now
Where: Jo Malone, selected David Jones stores

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  1. Sara-May

    So, this sounds like a perfume I would like my husband to wear…. I’m going to have to have a sniff next time I’m in DJ’s. I’m an uber girly “YSL Cinema” kind of girl.

    Also, you are hilarious – “I find it applies best when I mist it in the air and twirl through it like a fat ballerina.” made me snort in the middle of a crowded office.

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