Mario Badescu Acne Treatment Skincare

Mario Badescu Acne Treatment Skincare

Mario Badescu Acne Treatment Skincare

I’m going to be total honest with you: this isn’t an unbiased review. I’m not getting a fistful of cash or freebies to rave about this trio of Mario Badescu Acne Treatments (man, I wish I got cash or freebies!). Rather, I fully credit these anti-acne products for turning my formerly congested complexion into a face that’s clear for most of the time, and my unabashed praise is a result of that.

Let me give you a quick breakdown of my skin issues. If you’ve read this blog a handful of times before you’d know that I have normal/dry skin, but I also get some hormonal and seasonal acne. I had flawless skin when I was a teenager, but when that post-puberty hormonal slump hit in my early 20s my skin became congested. I developed non-inflammatory acne on my chin and jaw, and my hormonal cycle gave me the occasional painful papule.

Three basic forms of acne and congestion

Three basic forms of acne and congestion

To put it bluntly: having adult acne sucked. Everything and everyone tells you that acne is a teenage thing, and that there’s something a bit shameful about having spots when you’re an adult. The impression is that you’re slovenly, or you don’t take care of yourself. There’s no anti-acne skincare suitable for adult skin, and everything easily available is full of harsh ingredients that are only suitable for oily teenage skin. Horrible, horrible, horrible. I’d basically resigned myself to being a spotty, unhappy adult.

Then I ended up working at a retailer that sold Mario Badescu products. I looked at the products, read the ingredients list, and bought a handful of products with my first paycheque. My next paycheque was spent on three products: Mario Badescu Acne Facial Cleanser, Buffering Lotion, and Drying Lotion.

That was nearly seven years ago and I’ve never looked back. I’ve gone from having congested skin to a complexion that’s more or less flawless, excluding the occasional hormonal spot during Shark Week, and I give full credit for this improvement to three little Mario Badescu acne fighting products.

  • Mario Badescu Acne Facial Cleanser: despite being listed as being for oily/combination skin, this non-foaming cleanser is great for my normal/dry skin. The aloe and chamomile ingredients counteract the exfoliating salicylic acid and leaves my skin feeling squeaky clean without being tight or dry. I use a generous squirt of the clear gel cleanser on my Clarisonic once a day, upping it to twice a day during the peak of my hormonal cycle, and it leaves my skin smooth and soft and free of irritation (and it’s not bad at removing makeup!).
  • Mario Badescu Buffering Lotion: this little wonder is my absolute lifesaver. The few spots I get these days tend to be deep under the skin and rarely ever come to a head, so they need something deeply penetrating to keep them under control. I just shake the bottle until the allantoin powder (this anti-irritant ingredient promotes even healing and helps to stop post-acne scarring) is all mixed up, then apply to any active acne spots before putting on my moisturiser. If I don’t have any acne, I apply a small amount of Buffering Lotion on my chin every second night as a preventative.
  • Mario Badescu Drying Lotion: this dual stage salicylic acid and calamine powder treatment is my least-used item in my anti-acne armoury, simply because I rarely get whiteheads these days. I still keep a bottle of this in the cupboard because it’s always nice to have a fast-acting zip-zapper on hand. If I have some spots that need treating, I just dip a cotton tip down into the calamine powder at the bottom of the bottle, then liberally paint the offending pimple in a calamine/BHA bath. Unlike Buffering Lotion which needs to be shaken up before use, Drying Lotion is best kept unshaken.

As I said at the beginning of this post, this isn’t an unbiased review. After so many years I’m unswervingly dedicated to these products, and I’ve seen measurable cause/effect between stopping regular use of these three Mario Badescu acne treatments and my adult acne flaring up. For me they really have been a skin saviour.

Acne treatments, like all skincare, is a deeply personal thing. What works for one person might be totally ineffective for the person next to them. This has worked for me, and I hope that maybe they’ll work for you too.

Mario Badescu products are available at Kit Cosmetics. The Acne Facial Cleanser is AU$22.95 while the Buffering Lotion and Drying Lotions are AU$26.95 each.

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  1. lumieres

    Hi! I’ve been following your blog for a long time now and finally got the
    courage to go ahead and give you a shout out from
    Humble Texas! Just wanted to say keep up the fantastic job!

  2. Haley

    I think I am going to try the MC acne products. I too have struggled with adult acne, and it just seems to be worse and more frequent as I get older (I am 25). I rarely broke out as a teen…started college and I broke out…cleared up a little…then finished college and started breaking out bad again…with help from the dermatologist and birth control I was able to get it under control…but now it’s back again! So it seems like everything I have tried only worked for a brief time.

    I also have normal/combo/dry skin…so it’s not your typical acne skin type. I recently purchased the MB Cucumber cleansing lotion….I use that as my toner after cleansing with my Purpose Wash (gentle and recommended by Derm). So now I am looking for something to help clear these breakouts. Benzoyl Peroxide just isn’t working anymore. I definitely want to get the buffering lotion and drying lotion. Thanks for this review…it really helps to know that someone is going through the same thing.

  3. Kimberley

    I’ve been really impressed with all of the Mario Badescu products I’ve tried, the girls at Kit are always very free with the samples too! I will keep an eye out for these.

    1. swatchgirl

      I really depends on your skin but I personally can’t go past the Enzyme Cleansing Gel. Non foaming, non drying, gently exfoliating and suitable for use with my Clarisonic. It’s an old faithful for me!

  4. Addicted

    I might try the buffering lotion.
    I get pimples under my skin, they are big lumps but they don’t have any puss or are red and inflamed. They take forever going away and nothing ive tried work.

    1. swatchgirl

      Give it a try! Those big under the skin pimples take around five days to disappear, longer if you try and squeeze them or break the skin, but I find the buffering lotion tamps down any redness and helps everything to heal evenly.

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