Swatchgirl’s Beauty Best of 2012: COSMETICS

It’s that time of the year again! My Beauty Best of 2012: Cosmetics features some products I’ve written about and some products that I haven’t mentioned before, some newly released in 2012 and others old but reliable beauty staples, but all are items that stood out to me over the course of the year. There’s no judging panels or popular votes, just what I’ve personally enjoyed using over the past twelve months.

Swatchgirl's Beauty Best of 2012: COSMETICS

Swatchgirl’s Beauty Best of 2012: COSMETICS

  • EyesBenefit They’re Real! mascara. This inky black gel mascara has been my consistent go-to mascara for this entire year. It lasts all day on my bottom lashes, and doesn’t smudge or flake or go funky even after twelve hours. Even better, it doesn’t leave marks on my glasses. Even though it’s a little more expensive than I’m comfortable with, its long-wearing formula makes its cost-per-use easier to stomach [Benefit]
  • LipsClinique Chubby Sticks. 2012 was the Year of the Chubby Stick, no competition. These gel lip crayons were perfect in a year where I lost interest in gloss but still didn’t want to bother with full lipstick. They have just enough colour in a variety of fun shades, and ticked all the boxes in terms of wearability, comfort, and effortless application. [Clinique]
  • Cheeks – Illamasqua cream blush in Rude. This clean peachy orange creme is great for giving a delicate sculpt to my cheeks, particularly when paired with a subtle highlighter. It has enough pigment to leave a strong wash of colour, but the formula is light enough that I can apply the sheerest tint. It can also be used on my lips for a satin lip. [Illamasqua]
  • Face – Laura Mercier Hydrating Face Primer. Primers can be a real hit or miss affair, but this light but hydrating primer sits beautifully on my normal to dry skin. It has enough glide to apply smoothly and works with just about every style of foundation I’ve tried over it, from old school pancake sticks to BB creams. For eight hour+ wear without feeling heavy or mask-y, I can’t go past this primer. [Laura Mercier]
  • Cosmetic Tool – ModelCo Turbo LashWand and Shu Uemura Lash Curler. I’m cheating a little here by mentioning two beauty tools for my pick of 2012, but these two lash wonders are miracle workers when used in conjunction with each other. I curl my bare lashes first with the Shu lash curler, gently squeezing and releasing at three points along the lash to create a smooth curl. Then I brush through a coat of Benefit’s They’re Real! mascara and wait for it to set, then use ModelCo’s heated Turbo LashWand to give further curl on the midlengths and tips of the lashes. Used together they create a gorgeous doe-eyed doll look, with a structurally strong lash that maintains its curl all day without dropping. [ModelCo, Shu Uemura]

Those are my beauty best of 2012 in the category of colour cosmetics! Do we have any favourites in common? Anything that you’ve really loved this year that I’ve missed out on? Let me know in the comments, I’d love to know what colour cosmetics have been your go-to beauty faves this past year.

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  1. Rachel

    I absolutely agree on the Illamasqua blush! I can’t imagine going back to powder blush after seeing how versatile and easy to wear those guys are. I’ve got Rude myself, but I’m looking to get Dixie pretty soon. Was there a particular eye liner you’d say was a favourite last year?

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