SNO WHITE: Lush So White Bath Ballistic review

Is there a unintentional theme happening this week? Yesterday I talked about how much I love candy cane scented stuff, and today I’m onto another one of my go-to scents: apple.

Lush So White Bath Ballistic

Lush So White Bath Ballistic

So White bath ballistic from Lush is a bath bomb with a  delicious apple scent. Now that the weather is getting disgustingly hot here in Sydney it’s nice to kick back and pour a crisp glass of Apple Thief cider, load up something terrible to watch on my iPad (Tabatha’s Salon Takeovers, anyone?), then slither into a cool bath as an apple-scented So White merrily churns away.

With summer in full swing it just doesn’t feel right to be filling the bath with sweet and warm sugary scents, so it’s nice to have something to pop in the bath that’s light, refreshing, and not overpoweringly sweet.

So White isn’t particularly strongly scented, it’s not a bubblefest and it doesn’t turn the water blindingly bright colours or leave you covered in spangly glitter. It’s maybe the least Lush-like of all of Lush’s bath offerings, and I think that’s why I dig it – it’s just refreshing and simple, apple-y and fresh. Apples!

Who: Lush
What: So White
How Much: AU$5.95 for 90g
When: available now
Where: Lush

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