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Remember when blogs just meant that you wrote a post every now and then and that was it? No, me neither.

Facebook: I’m a low intensity Facebook user, not gonna lie. I post once a day with a link to any blog updates, and I occasionally share interesting music or photos. I also occasionally run a Facebook exclusive competition every now and then, something that I’m going to do a lot more over the next few months! Follow me on Facebook if you want a nice unobtrusive way of keeping up with my blog updates.

Twitter: Aww yeah, Twitter is great. I post blog updates and share music and pictures, so Twitter is the best place to find me if you want to ask me a quick question or show me/get shown pictures of Jeremy Renner’s butt. Follow me at @theswatchgirl.

Instagram: Instagram is the lovechild of social media and a fast image sharing service. I post pictures from out and about in Sydney, including sneak peaks of upcoming products and fun stuff like #notd/nail of the day pictures. If you’ve got an Instagram account then come say hi to me at @theswatchgirl.

Pinterest: If you’re not on Pinterest yet, get on board! This social photo sharing network – a little like Tumblr meets Flickr – recently came out of beta and is open for everyone to join. I share random images including hair inspiration photos, good lookin’ fellas, beautiful women, art and random things that I like. I also share nail polish and lip swatch photos.

RSS: Are you using an RSS reader? If so, all the content on is available on a daily full format RSS feed. If you’re not using an RSS reader, then this is a way to get all the new material I create with the convenience of it being available on your Google or Yahoo homepage. You can also subscribe via…

Email: Email! There’s a subscription form just to the right of this page. You get a short email once a day or whenever I update, with full content and zero spam. If you’re like I am and am constantly busy with no time to sit down and read blogs, this is a nice way to quickly catch up with what’s happening on this blog.

So there you are! I’m all over the internet and I’d love to stay in contact with you, so let’s get social on some social media!

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