Kit Cosmetics Move Up nail polish swatch & review

Kit Cosmetics Move Up nail polish

Kit Cosmetics Move Up nail polish

I guess it’s kinda odd that it’s taken me nearly three years to write about what is possibly my favourite nail polish of all time. I used to work at Kit Cosmetics many, many moons ago (full disclosure, these days I have nothing to do with Kit Cosmetics in any capacity other than as a customer) and their Kit Cosmetics Move Up nail polish was released while I was working there. I wore this pewter and bronze metallic mesh nail polish day in and day out for three years, and I still wear it regularly to this day.

It applies like a dream in just two coats with no funky streak marks or bald spots and it dries fast without a textured finish. The finish isn’t high shine metallic, so I either boost it up with a high shine top coat or use a matte top coat to dull it down into a muted pearly finish. It’s a kickin’ rad nail polish, seriously.

Who: Kit Cosmetics
What: Kit Cosmetics Move Up nail polish
How Much: AU$15.95 for 12ml
When: available now
Where: Kit Cosmetics stores, Mecca Maxima

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