#POLISHDAYS: Baby’s first tape manicure, aka when failure is always an option

Polish Days - Geometric

Polish Days – Geometric

Pictured above: baby’s first tape manicure attempt. It’s a shocker, I know. If you’re foolhardy enough to follow me on Instagram you’d know that this a… let’s call it a trial. Yeah, that sounds good. A trial. I can paint my nails like a pro and never need to tidy up, but nail art? I think I’m lacking the knack. Regardless, I took a punt at it for PollyPolish‘s Polish Days with the theme of geometric designs. Or in my case, ‘tentatively sort of approaching the concept of geometric designs but failing by a long shot’. You know me. near enough is always good enough, right?

  1. I painted on a base coat of China Glaze Calcium Gel Fortifier, then topped it with two coats of Picture Polish Peaches n’ Cream.
  2. I marked out some wobbly, lopsided, hopeless wedge shapes with some Scotchtape, then filled them with Bloom Miranda, a clean silver frost. On my first attempt at marking the wedges I only gave the peach base a few hours of drying time, with this as a result. Stretched out, wonky peel-o-rama. A few nail pros gave me some tips including sticking the tape to my palm a few times to cut the stickiness, so attempt two was much easier.
  3. I repeated the same dealio again and blocked out part of the silver wedge, then filled it with my favourite black lacquer in the world, Kink Ink.
  4. Finally I topped it with a generous coating of INM Out The Door top coat, looked at my nails, and swore that I’d never do nail art again. I may or may not be joking!

Ok, so that was terrible. I’m really not good at nail art in any shape or form, geometric included. Luckily there are some righteous kickass nail artists out there who are amazing at nail art, so peep their looks!

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