Nails Inc Baker Street nail polish swatch & review

I freely admit that I live under a rock when it comes to hot celebrity action. I buy Grazia once every couple of months and read Who at the hair salon, and my Oh No They Didn’t! days are a fair way behind me. My tumblr feed is more about stunningly hot character actors (Idris Elba!) and Avengers gifs, and the closest I get to celebrity on twitter is following the outstanding @KimKierkegaard. I’m not anti celebrity, I’m just very, very, very boring. - nails inc Baker Street

nails inc Baker Street

A month or so ago I was drifting around the Spa & Beauty Expo with Miss Chew and she pointed out a brilliant cobalt blue nail polish and added that it was Beyone’s signature colour just before and after the birth of her baby, Blue Ivy. I said, ‘Oh really?’ and tried not to say the first thing that came to mind, i.e. Beyonce was pregnant? Instead I just nodded and said oh yeah knowledgeably and quietly bought the nail polish anyway ’cause I’m a sucker for blue.

Beyonce blue nails

Exhibit A.

So I might not be hip and with it and down with the kids and their celebrities these days, but I appreciate a good brilliant blue polish. Nails Inc Baker Street is a brilliant cobalt blue creme. It applied smoothly in two coats and dried to a satiny/wax finish, so I topped it with a coat of INM Out The Door to bump the gloss factor.

nails inc - Baker Street

nails inc – Baker Street

If you’re eyeing the neon trend somewhat warily, Baker Street is a neat way of adding a pop of saturated colour without the risking the more childish aspect of neons. It’s attention-grabbing but not over the top, and it works just as well against a classic black outfit as it does a colourful bold frock.

nails inc - Baker Street

nails inc – Baker Street

If you’re still not convinced then nail blogger Holographic Hussy has a great post featuring some comparisons of Baker Street against other cobalt blue lacquers. Take a peep!

Who: nails inc
What: nail polish in Baker Street
How Much: AU$18.95 for 10ml
When: available now.
Where: call 02 9300 6330 for stockist info.

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  1. Kimberley

    I think it’s so funny that you didn’t know about Beyonce’s pregnancy and found out through nail polish! I love this polish so much, I think I have one similar that I will have to dig out!

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