Brow Know-How: how to add a colourful temporary tint to your eyebrows

Brow Know-How: how to add a colourful temporary tint to your eyebrows

Brow Know-How: how to add a colourful temporary tint to your eyebrows

Folks match their handbag to their outfit and their lipstick to their nail polish… so why not match your brows to your hair or eye make-up? I’m not talking about over-exaggerated candy clown brows or fierce drag brows that could out-arch the harbour bridge, but a subtle sweep of sheer colour to add a little ‘pop’ to your look.

  • My first step is to groom the brow with some brow gel, no matter how intense the look I’m creating. I prefer to work with a damp base in order to get good colour adhesion with no smudging or fading during the day. I use¬†Bloom Cosmetics clear brow gel, AU$22.
  • For a more subtle look I first define with a taupe pencil. I then use a matte or satin shadow applied with a pencil tip brush, applied in short flicked strokes to emulate to the look of brow hair. In this look I used MAC Cosmetics satin eyeshadow in Winkle, AU$33.
  • For a more defined look I apply a waterproof eyeliner pencil with delicate strokes to emulate the pattern of brow hair, making sure to apply the eyeliner on the brow hair and not directly on the skin (remember, no clown brows!). I then groom the colour through with a clean mascara wand and add a touch of matching eyeshadow for extra setting power. This gives colour without being too heavy or drag-esque. For this look I’d choose a Stila Smudge Stick Waterproof Eye Liner in Blue Ribbon, AU$30 from Mecca Cosmetica.

So what do you think? It might not be a go-to look for popping out to the corner shop, but adding a subtle wash of colour to your brows is super easy and achievable to do. If you’ve gone for coloured brows before I’d love to see some pictures; just leave a link in the comments or on Facebook!

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  1. Dempeaux

    This is great! I’m quite a newbie when it comes to all this brow stuff, but I love the effect. I think you do it really well here – your brows have a great shape too!

    Is there any remedy for keeping the grossness out of brow gel though? Mine always ends up looking rammy after two weeks!

    1. swatchgirl

      No suggestions whatsoever! I’ve just come to accept that every single brow gel I’ve ever used will turn into a porcelain ivory tinted Lovecraftian primordial nightmare within a fortnight of opening it.

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