Kit Cosmetics Down Low nail polish swatch, photo and review

Kit Cosmetics - Down Low nail polish

Kit Cosmetics – Down Low nail polish

Grey! Grey, grey, grey, grey. You know I love a grey nail polish. I love them so much, in fact, that I’ve basically run out of adjectives and interesting ways to describe every grey nail polish that has ever graced my fishwife hands. So I’ll keep it short and sweet: Down Low nail polish from Kit Cosmetics is a concrete grey cream with no shimmer. Two thin coats gives full colour, it dries to exactly the same shade as you see in the bottle, and it wore like iron on my nails for five days.

Short and sweet. Man, I just really love grey nail polish.

Who: Kit Cosmetics
What: nail polish in Down Low
How Much: AU$15.95 for 12ml
When: available now.
Where: Kit Cosmetics

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