July Skincare Snapshot: AM

Now that I’m mostly working from home and enjoying generally a more leisured lifestyle, I’m cutting back on my skincare and keeping it simple. ‘Cutting back’, of course, is code for ‘being a lazy shit’. I just can’t be bothered to get fancy when all I’m doing is sitting on the couch with an iPad on my lap and thinking about the various deadlines careening past.

july skincare snapshot: am

july skincare snapshot: am

Cleanser: I’m still using my Antipodes Juliet cleanser (AU$33/200ml, Adore Beauty) in combination with my Clarisonic Plus (AU$299, Adore Beauty). The combination of very mild exfoliants in the cleanser plus the polish of the Clarisonic on its lowest setting leaves my skin smooth but not over-exfoliated.

Toner: Mario Badescu Glycolic Acid Toner (AU$28.95/236ml, Kit Cosmetics). This alcohol free toner with 2% glycolic acid and grapefruit extract has been an unchanging staple of my skincare routine for five years now. I’ve been using it for so long that I can’t even put my finger on what makes it so fantastic, but I can tell you that when I stop using it I notice an increase in congestion on my chin within a few days. I don’t throw around the term ‘skincare holy grail’ often, but this is my holy grail toner.

Serum: Kiehl’s Açaí Damage-Repairing Serum (AU$68/75ml, Kiehl’s). I’m still undecided on the merits of antioxidants when applied topically to the skin given that there’s a lot of soft marketing science being bandied about, but not much in terms of peer reviewed studies, but to be totally honest I haven’t been using Açaí Damage-Repairing Serum for any antioxidant properties. Rather I’ve been wearing as a light vitamin C serum. The serum itself is water based and fast to absorb, and sits nicely under my moisturiser without feeling sticky.

Moisturiser: Origins A Perfect World (AU$70/50ml, Kit Cosmetics). I’m normally a dedicated user of Origins Make A Difference Ultra Rich but after it being out of stock for weeks I had to try something new. A Perfect World is much lighter in terms of moisture – it’s for all skin types as opposed to just for dry skin – but the texture is just as agreeable and comfortable. It doesn’t contain sunscreen which is perfect for me, as I’m indoors all day nine days out of ten and prefer to keep use sunscreen on an as-needed basis.

Sunscreen: Mecca Cosmetica To Save Face SPF30+ (AU$45/100g, Mecca Cosmetica). It’s easy to forget how quickly the skincare world changes ’cause only a few years back there were very few chemical sunscreens available in Australia. Most physical sunscreens react horribly on my skin and cause redness, tightness and irritation, so when To Save Face was launched it was like sunscreen salvation. This lightweight broad spectrum sunscreen dries to a silky matte finish, has no white cast, and doesn’t cause my face primer or foundation to split or pull. If you hate sunscreen ’cause you hate the feeling or scent of traditional sunscreens or because you get skin reactions to traditional barrier formulas, give this one a whirl.

What are you using in the morning to get your fresh face on? I’m nearly out of my morning cleanser and serum and I’m always interested in trying something new, so dish!

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