hair wars: ELEVEN Australia Miracle Hair Treatment & evo Icon Welder

If you read this blog at all last year, you’d remember something called the Year of Hair – 12 months of me trying (and mostly failing) to get a not-shit haircut and learn how to wrangle my hair into something other than a bun or a ponytail. It was… let’s say I had mixed success.
I still can’t style my hair and most of Hair Romance‘s tutorials are incomprehensible, but it gave me the confidence to undergo a fairly major style change earlier this year. I found a great hairdresser (Robert from Atlantis Hair/Original A in Paddington) and fulfilled a long-standing dream to go platinum from my natural very dark brown. I even shaved out my nape from ear to ear. I might now be technically skilled, but now I’ve got the hair I’ve wanted ever since I stopped being brave and wild with my hair in my late teens/early 20s. It has personality, it’s interesting to look at, and I’m fairly sure that makes up for the fact I don’t know how to do a braid!

ELEVEN Australia Miracle Hair Treatment & evo Icon Welder

ELEVEN Australia Miracle Hair Treatment & evo Icon Welder

So basically that’s a lot of words to say that I’m starting to mess around with different products and trying new styling ideas, no matter how halfassed my results are. A couple of bottles of hair goo I’ve picked up lately have been evo icon welder hot tool shaper and ELEVEN Australia Miracle Hair Treatment.

Miracle Hair Treatment is a leave-in treatment that basically promises to do everything but do the dishes. I’ve been using it as a way to give some weight to my super-fine-but-a-lot-of-it hair and stop it from looking like a birds nest when I let it dry naturally. It defines the natural wave in my hair, gives it some grip and makes it easier to pull up into a topknot or to not unravel from plaits, and dials back the fuzzy flyaways along my part. It also smells like a festival of coconut, which makes me suspect that Ms Critique would go mad for it.

icon welder hot tool shaper is a… you know what, forget it. I have to get this out of the way first: this smells like watermelon candy. To be precise it smells like watermelon Jolly Ranchers. I’m not normally one to care what my products smell like beyond ‘do I like it, yes/no’ but when I smelt this at the recent Hair Expo I laughed because it was such a fun and unexpected smell. Delightful.
On a more practical note this gives some good slip’n’slide on my hair on the rare times I use hot tongs, and it doesn’t dry sticky or leave my hair clumping together like some other heat protectants I’ve used in the past.

Semi-unrelated but I highly recommend the video style guides on the evo website! They have a great understated Look Around You vibe and they actually make sense, shock. I’m a big fan of this texture video.

Who: ELEVEN Australia
What: Miracle Hair Treatment
How Much: AU$24.95 for 125ml
When: available now
Where: selected hair salons

Who: evo
What: icon welder hot tool shaper
How Much: AU$26.95 for 200ml
When: available now
Where: selected hair salons

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