Essie Cocktail Bling Winter Collection 2012 mini cube review, swatches, photos

This is super old news to everyone in the northern hemisphere who had all the nail brand winter collections back in November last year, but the Cocktail Bling collection by Essie is fresh out down here in the southern badlands and I got my raggedy-ass nails out to swatch the itty-bitty mini collection.

Essie - Cocktail Bling winter mini collection

Essie – Cocktail Bling winter mini collection

The Winter Collection mini set contains four 5ml polishes: Size Matters, Bangle Jangle, Cocktail Bling and Bobbing for Baubles. The texture and finish of these was leagues above anything I’ve tried from Essie recently, with most of the polishes applying opaque in one coat yet sporting a formula that wasn’t too thick. All four lacquers are creams, which is a welcome change from the non-stop parade of glitters, shimmers and gimmicky crackles that seem to make up all nail collections for the past couple of years.

Essie - Size Matters

Essie – Size Matters

Size Matters is a ruby red creme without any shimmer or sparkle. It applied opaque in one smooth coat. Size Matters dried a shade or two darker than bottle colour, so keep that in mind if you’re doing an exacting colour match. Off the top of my head it’s somewhat similar to OPI’s Kennebunk-Port.

Essie - Bangle Jangle

Essie – Bangle Jangle

Bangle Jangle is a creamy lavender with a touch of grey. I used two coats to get full coverage. I keep thinking I have something in my collection like this already, but I’m blanking on what that could be! Bangle Jangle is a lot more vivid than OPI Steady As She Rose. This lacquer dries a shade darker than bottle colour.

Essie - Cocktail Bling

Essie – Cocktail Bling

Oh please, like I would ignore anything that included my all time favourite shade of nail polish – grey! Cocktail Bling is a dove grey cream that applied opaque in two coats. It’s a little lighter than Orly’s Mirror Mirror and cooler than Sally Hansen’s Wet Cement.

Essie - Bobbing for Baubles

Essie – Bobbing for Baubles

Last but not least, Bobbing for Baubles is a midnight blue cream that applied opaque in one coat. This polish dried darker than the slightly dusty blue cream you see in the bottle, making it much more of an inky black midnight polish. It’s similar to Roadhouse Blues from OPI, just with a little touch of teal hidden way down deep in the colour mix.

Who: Essie
What: Cocktail Bling winter collection minis
How Much: AU$24.95 for 4x5ml bottles
When: available now.
Where: Myer and Adore Beauty.

This item was a kind gift from Essie.

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