Ulta3 nail polish in Blue Marlin

Ulta3 - Blue Marlin

Ulta3 - Blue Marlin

I think I have a new cheap thrills hobby: spending a few moments of my lunch break bin-diving the huge tub of Ulta3 nail polishes at the chemist in Pitt St Mall. When I say ‘cheap thrills’, I seriously mean cheap thrills. Ulta3 nail polishes are all $2 each, even the fancy pants metallic shimmers. Cheap, cheap, cheaper than a macchiato cheap thrills. My latest find, Blue Marlin, was the result of a hasty nail polish bin rummage when I was looking for something to compliment a royal blue clutch and matching intense blue wedges. Voilà! Blue on blue, the perfect bright highlight against my usual uniform of black on black.

Blue Marlin is a royal blue cream lacquer without any shimmer or sparkles. It’s slightly translucent, so I popped on two coats. You can still faintly see the white of my nail in the picture above, but it gave full coverage to the naked eye. Blue Marlin dried to a satiny finish, so I applied a gloss top coat to bring up the shine and intensify the colour. Easy peasy.
The wear time wasn’t amazing – three days and I had a few chips and dings – but for $2, who cares.

Ulta3 nail colours are AU$2 for 13ml, available from selected pharmacies across Australia. Lacquer on!

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  1. Aislin

    I love this colour so much – such a bright colour that livens up my mood whenever I wear it. I’ve never had too many issues with it chipping or anything and for $2 can you really complain? :)

  2. Madame B Fatale

    Great colour, I too can’t help myself when I come across a bin of these. Nail polish never really lasts all that well on me anyway unless I apply a top coat every 2nd day so the wear time doesn’t bother me at all. Last summer I got some really cute pastel polishes and for that price I really can’t complain!

  3. Madam M

    Wow what a fabulous punch in the guts of colour. There is a Ulta “bin” at my local supermarket. i keep circling it like a shark but nothing has jumped into my basket. I’ll definitely keep my eyes out for this one.

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