The Hunt for Red October – Clinique Chunky Cherry Chubby Stick swatch & review

Will you forgive me if I repeat myself a little vis a vis Clinique Chunky Cherry Chubby Stick? I did, after all, devote a few words to Whole Lotta Honey a few months ago and my opinion of texture, application and what have you hasn’t changed since April.

Clinique - Chunky Cherry

Clinique Chunky Cherry Chubby Stick


Chubby Sticks are a sheerly tinted lipbalm in a wind-up case. As with just about every Clinique product the packaging is chunky and reassuringly solid. The product itself is just as it says on the tin: a moisturising balm with just enough colour to tint your lips, but not so much colour that you need to be mindful of super neat application.

The texture of the balm itself if almost gel-like on the lips, applying smoothly without feeling buttery or greasy. I found it to be suitably moisturising but plenty of people have said it doesn’t pack enough of a moisture punch. If you work in dry airconditioning or your lips tend to run dry, a Chubby Stick probably isn’t going to be enough to replace a dedicated lip moisturiser.
Chubby Sticks have a subtle healthy sheen but are – thankfully – nowhere near as slick and shiny as gloss. You could easily pair one with a full face of make-up for a subtle polished lip or just rock them with bare skin.


Clinique - Chunky Cherry

Clinique Chunky Cherry Chubby Stick

Righto. Onto the original thoughts re: Chunky Cherry, a lightweight cherry coloured balm crayon that manages to be both bright yet translucent, colourful but not garish. There’s quite a hit of colour in this Chubby Stick, enough that two swipes was enough to give me a jaunty pop of colour without getting thick or gluey.

The thing I appreciate most about Chubby Sticks is that they’re fantastic if you’re lazy. Not ‘low effort’ or ‘minimal make-up’, but ‘seriously can’t be arsed to care’ grade lazy. I can just jam a little Chunky Cherry in the vague direction of my mouth, assume that I’ve coloured more or less within the lines and call it a day, confident that the bit of colour on my lips will help to keep the illusion of effort alive for just one more day. Lazy make-up is the best make-up.

Who: Clinque
What: Clinique Chunky Cherry Chubby Stick
How Much: AU$35
When: available now
Where: David Jones, Clinique

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