The Year of Hair – De Lorenzo Elements Sea Swell Volumising Lotion

Fun fact: I grew up at the beach. In fact I spent most of my formative years living one block back from the beach, tanned and freckled and covered in a fine crust of sea salt for every summers in the late 80’s and onwards. Oh, to be young and stupid and have no understanding of UVA/UVB damage, right?
Scent memory is a powerful thing. The right note of coconut and a tang of sea spray and it’s 1993 and I’m right back in Hervey Bay, ten years old and annoying the everloving shite out of my (very patient) older brother as I nagged him to go to the beach with me.

De Lorenzo Elements Sea Swell Volumising Lotion: oh god, it smells like my childhood.

De Lorenzo - Elements Sea Swell volumising lotion

De Lorenzo – Elements Sea Swell volumising lotion

Sea Swell Volumising Lotion is part of De Lorenzo’s new-ish Elements haircare line, a tidy capsule collection themed around the elements that targets specific styling concerns. Sea Swell is a very light volumising lotion that gives effortless, beachy body to hair and, my stars and garters, it smells just like tangy salt spray and frangipani lotion. Divine.

A lot of volumising products are glue-o-rama on my fine-yet-plenty-of-it hair but Sea Swell doesn’t leave my hair sticky or clumpy, even when I laze out and don’t bother with anything more fancy than a half-hearted towel dry. If you’re after super mega Texas-style volume than this might not be your go-to product, but you instead want a decent bit of natural Elle-esque body and volume without the weight then this might just be the ticket.

Sea Swell Volumising Lotion is AU$22.95 for 150g. De Lorenzo products are available from salons all across Australia.

This item was provided by De Lorenzo. Total honesty: I’ve been using De Lorenzo since I was a kid. Keepin’ my hair Australian, babes~

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  1. Simone

    OMG, you’re from Hervey Bay? Me too :) How do you think this product would go on hair which is fine, but of which there are sooo many strands that it actually appears thick?

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