Nail of the day – diesel-y, chemical-y goodness

I’m somewhat loathe to post this because ell-oh-ell my nails are a rolled gold disaster zone lately. Lawks and lordy be, they are a fright. Nails clipped back to the quick, cuticles that are two steps away from resettling in Argentina and the kind of dehydrated pallor that would make a fishwife take a second glance and go, ‘oh honey, no.’

But! Because I love you – and because Cclarebear is guilting me into posting more – here are my janky nails in their crisp photorealistic glory. You’re welcome.

NOTD - Kink Ink + OPI Fireflies

NOTD - Kink Ink + OPI Fireflies

So after my whinge about Chanel’s Peridot not being the lush chemical-looking fiesta I expected it to be, I thought I’d being a Proactive Polly and show my favourite colour combo for sassy industrial looking nails. Take a splash of that black one coat wonder, Kink Ink, then one coat of OPI Fireflies. Forest green lushness from one angle, bronze-ish-reddish-somethingish shimmer from another. We lovesssssss it, precious.

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