Make Up Store – Anniversary gloss

ATTENTION: here is some GLITTER.

Make Up Store - Anniversary

Make Up Store - Anniversary

C’mon, you know your inner five year-old/drag queen/five year-old drag queen is looking at that gloss and saying AWESOME!

Make Up Store are celebrating their 15th anniversary, so how better to celebrate with MORE GLITTER. CAPSLOCKED GLITTER EVERYWHERE. Anniversary is a sheer pink gloss jampacked with silver and pink GLITTER and it’s ridiculously amazing and I can’t stop laughing whenever I see myself in the mirror.


Anniversary gloss is AU$27 a tube and available from Make Up Store boutiques and selected Myer stores. Get it. It’s hilarious.

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  1. redambition

    Holy sparkling unicorn tears, batman! That’s glitterbomb deliciousness that I feel I need even though I’ll never wear it…

    PS – I always imagine that you’re saying “eyyyyyyy” in your lip shots. Much like the Fonz, but cooler because there is lipstick/gloss/glitter. Always such perfect pout pics!

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