Dermalogica Clean Start GWP – fix yr face, treat yr ears

I don’t normally mention GWP deals because, well… a.) mostly ‘who cares’ and b.) you can read about them through 8,000 other outlets. But – but! – sometimes I get all soft-hearted and want to mention something cool.

I dig Dermalogica’s lil’ sister brand Clean Start (want some back reading? I discuss Clear Start skincare here). I didn’t have a troublesome time skin-wise during my teenage years, but having access to a brand with skincare chops and prices that are more wallet-friendly than most premium lines certainly would’ve steered me away from a few naive mistakes – a dab of metho on a pimple? Sure, it’s not like I needed this face for anything.

If you’ve got a little brother or sister entering their Pizza Face McAcne years, Clean Start are doing a summer-friendly GWP right now – if you spend $60 or more on the Clean Start line, you’ll score these cute portable speakers on the hizzy.

My janky elderly ipod, however, that’s something you’ll have to get that from me personally.

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