Zoya – Dannii nail lacquer

Here’s a dash of fun to brighten up a dull Sydney day – Dannii nail lacquer by Zoya.

Zoya - Dannii

Zoya - Dannii

After skimming around various nail blogs, it seems like the only thing we can collectively agree about Dannii is that it’s purple. Real talk, I’ve never seen such differing consensus on what makes up the colour palette of a polish! For what it’s worth my verdict is that Dannii is a lilac metallic polish with champagne, rose gold and silver shimmer flecks.
Application was pleasantly average – not a dream, but not a nightmare either. I got full opacity in two thin coats with no obvious glittery lumps or bumps. The fine shimmer allowed me to wrap the tips easily without the edges feeling rough or lifting, and even without a topcoat it dried to a reasonably smooth finish.

Dannii is part of the Intimate nail collection which is out in Australia this week. Zoya lacquers are AU$17 and are available from TVSN, selected salons and from zoya.com.au. Happy lacquering!

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