The Year of Hair – Original & Mineral The Power Base protein treatment

It’s been a bit slow in the Year of Hair stakes lately. I haven’t indulged my inner Tank Girl and shaved it off – as tempting as that is sometimes – but rather I’ve almost attained that rare state of hair nirvana: healthy, manageable hair. Some of it has been through trial and error, some of it is due to the usual comedy of errors that my hair + myself seems to entail and rather a lot of it is due to the excellent tutelage of Wayne and Alan from Atlantis Hair in Paddington.

God. If this state of Nice Hair keeps up I won’t have anything to write about.

Original & Mineral - The Power Base

Original & Mineral – The Power Base

One of the things I’m attributing my current pleasant state of hair-hood to is Original & Mineral’s The Power Base protein treatment, a creamy hydrating treatment for dry and damaged hair. Wheat protein helps to shore up the weak sports in brittle strands of hair, then a cocktail of apricot, sweet almond and macadamia oils with a little dab of shea butter add moisture and shine.
If you’re thinking, damn girl, that sounds like a lot of oils, fear not. The treatment itself is light and easy to rinse out, leaving my hair feeling plush and silky rather than lank and gluey.

Original & Mineral - The Power Base

Original & Mineral – The Power Base

The Power Base is definitely a cumulative use product. The first few times I used it I mentally filed it under that damning genre of ‘nice but unremarkable’ but, a month of use onwards, I’ve noticed an improvement in both how pleasant my hair feels straight after washing and how well it holds moisture in between washes. No dry A/C fried ends for this redhead, nosirree.

One small downside: I hate the packaging. I loathe the packaging like it has personally offended me. I have scrawny wrists and weak little hands; putting a creamy product in a stiff plastic bottle that requires squeezing to access the goodness within is a recipe for me to stand in the shower forever half-shampooed, ineffectually squeezing and shaking a bottle until I collect enough tiny dribs and drabs of treatment to actually finish washing my hair. I like The Power Base enough to grit my teeth and put up with the packaging for now, but I deffo wish it was actually easier to get to.

(edit March 2012: the bottle gets easier to use after a few uses. Getting it started is a chore if you have weak little useless hands like me, but once it’s goin’ and flowin’ it’s no more difficult than any other bottle.)

But hey, on the plus side? It smells like delicious crème anglaise. I’m not even a bit products-that-smell-like-food fan and I can’t get over how delish this product smells. Nom nom nom!

Feeling a need for a dash of Power Base in your life? The Power Base retails for AU$29.95 for 250ml. The full range of Original & Mineral consumer products are available online from Adore Beauty. Shine on!

This item was a kind gift from Atlantis Hair.

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    1. swatchgirl

      Go go go! I rate the brand super high – like, it’s product that’s not just free of y’know, everything, but actually works really really well. I like that it’s a nice compact, logical brand as well, perfect for someone hair challenged like me.

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