Lush – Dragon’s Egg bath ballistic

Lush - Dragon's Egg bath ballistic

Lush - Dragon's Egg bath ballistic

Fizzy sherbet lollies. Rice paper confetti. Gold shimmer powder. Lemon and bergamot oils. Hello there Dragon’s Egg bath ballistic from Lush, welcome to my bathtub.

This giddy mix of fun and citrus tang ain’t for those who need rest and relaxation and a calm, soothing bath experience. The Dragon’s Egg ballistic is fun on a bun; a big’n’bright citrusy explosion tempered with a sweet sherbet scent and finished off with plenty of water-soluble rice paper confetti. If you’re feeling a little down in the dumps or a little tired and emotional after a hard night on the tiles, this is a jaunty way to give yourself a little pep.

A note re: the glitter.
I normally avoid all glitter/shimmer bath ballistics due to how tenacious the shimmer tends to be. Being covered in glitter was cute when I was six, not so much as I’m sliding towards thirty. The gold shimmer in Dragon’s Egg is remarkably non-sticky though, so neither the bathtub, my other half or myself were left twinkling like a Cullen. Jolly good show, Lush.

I snaffled this ballistic from Lush QVB for $5.95 for 180g. Go on. You know you want to wallow around in citrusy gold sparkles.

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  1. Me, my best and I

    Oh am still on a Harry Potter high from the movie on Saturday night!!

    Was eye-balling this in Lush on Saturday- but I usually avoid the glitterati unless planning a night out down Oxford St, reassuring that it is washed away easily!!

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