Laura Mercier Berry Sorbet gel lip colour

Things have been quiet around Ye Olde Swatchgirl Blog lately, I know. I’ve been taking the time honoured winter routine of all highly strung creatives cursed with just enough Hemmingway complex to spice up our vintage diagnosis of Seasonal Affective Disorder, which is essentially a.) ignore all social invitations and hide in a dark room all day, b.) wonder where my concentration span has vanished off to, and c.) occasionally make sad whiny baby posts on Facebook.
Enough of this suburban nihilism, I say. I’m actively kicking myself in the backside to be more productive and social, I’ve had my annual re-read of Gas Smells Awful: The Mechanics Of Being A Nutcase by my 90’s wordy wife Helen Razer and I’m generally feeling less like I’m going to Plath myself. Every little bit of progress counts, right?*

In the name of colour and sunshine and not staring blankly at the ceiling for twelve hours a day, let us not dwell on sad things. Lipstick isn’t sad. Lipstick is inherently fun, particularly when it’s all juicy and colourful and feels like a dream to wear. Laura Mercier Gel Lip Colour, you are one little weapon in my arsenal of anti-sad.

Laura Mercier Berry Sorbet gel lip colour

Laura Mercier Berry Sorbet gel lip colour

The new Gel Lip Colour range from Laura Mercier is a limited edition range of sheer gel lipsticks in six lush yet wearable colours; the perfect foil to make the transition from winter drab to spring colour just a little easier to make. The texture of these lipsticks is somewhere between a soft buttery balm and a solid stick gloss. Imagine a Korres Lip Butter and a Stila Glaze Stick had a one night stand and made a little lipstick baby, then you’re somewhere in the ballpark.

Laura Mercier Berry Sorbet gel lip colour

Laura Mercier Berry Sorbet gel lip colour

Berry Sorbet is essentially a berry lipstick for people who can’t stand berry lipsticks. The clean berry is given an extra kick by a teeny amount of rose shimmer, barely visible to the naked eye but a blessed boon when it comes to maintaining that satiny, lustrous sheen of a gel lipstick.  The wear time is exactly what you’d expect from a gel – longer than a gloss or gloss stick, not as long as a cream lipstick. It fades evenly without leaving a tideline at the edge of your lips, yet leaves enough of a subtle flush to tide you over.
If you’re after a swipe-n-go lipstick that brightens up a fairbear complexion without being too bright and OTT, look no further.

But – and there’s always a but – there’s a downside: fragrance. This lipstick is so heavily scented with vanilla and almond that on first sniff I turned to my friend and declared it ‘an expensive Lip Smacker’. A little dash of vanilla ain’t no thang, but the fragrance in this lipstick was startling in its intensity. Your mileage may vary, of course, but for me its a definite downer.

Ready to take a gel lipstick for a spin? The limited edition range of Gel Colour Lipsticks are available at Laura Mercier counters now for AU$45. I snaffled this lipstick from the experts at the Laura Mercier counter at Myer Sydney City.

*Although I’m the poster child for flippancy when it comes to discussing my own long-standing issues with the Black Dog (i.e. this entire post, right?), depression is a serious mood disorder that touches everyone in Australia both directly and indirectly. If you even vaguely suspect that a friend of yours is struggling with depression, take a second or two to reach out and let them know that you’ve got their back. A word or two works wonders.
Need some more info? Peep the excellent resources at Beyond Blue.

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  1. Valentine

    That’s so disappointing to have it smell like a Lip Smaker because that colour looks gorgeous on you! I’ve never been a fan of that colour but it seems to suit you perfectly!

    It seems quite a few brands are coming out with lip products that are a cross between lip stick and lip balm! Very interesting!

  2. emmabovary

    Loved the term ‘Plath myself’, though a serious matter, a great way to put it (feel better saying that after seeing the little added disclaimer at the bottom=))
    That shade looks so beautiful! I have never tried anything from Laura Mercier, this looks tempting

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