Endota – Nourishing Oil

You’ll have to excuse the crickets and tumbleweeds on swatchgirl.com this week. It was my birthday a few days ago and, well, my beloved other half takes birthdays Very Very Seriously. It’s been a divine festival of breakfast in bed, lunches overlooking the harbour and – the best gift of all – the first holiday we’ve had together in well over a year.

Bitch, you say, I don’t give a fig about you lounging around in bed eating cake. Talk about skincare or something.

Fine. Fine! Have it your way, and let’s talk about this swanky new oil from Endota.

Endota - Nourishing Oil

Endota - Nourishing Oil

Endota’s new Nourishing Oil is a lush mix of rosehip oil (keeps your fine lines and flaky skin at bay), jojoba oil (stacked with vitamin E), and frankincense and myrrh oils (calming, also may indicate to passersby that you’re the product of a virgin birth). All these oils combine to form a cocktail of vitamins A, C and E that will generally give your skin a perk and a drink all at the same time.

Rosehip oil is a gentle hydrator that’s suitable for all skin types. If you’re excessively oily, adding an oil can actually help to regulate sebum production. If you’re a dry haggard desert like I am, it provides slow-release moisture that makes it ideal for PM use underneath/in replacement of a traditional night cream. I’ve also been using this alongside Aesop’s B Triple C gel complex for an action-packed supercharge of vitamin C.

Endota - Nourishing Oil

Endota - Nourishing Oil

The packaging is different to a traditional stopper-n-dropper oil bottle, instead opting to go for opaque white plastic with a reservoir pump – you gently depress the top of the packaging and a little puddle of oil forms in a shallow bowl. It takes a little getting used to and, for the first few uses at least, you’re probably gonna find yourself with more oil that you could possibly need. I’ve since gotten around that problem by gently hydrating my partner’s skin (he’ll thank me when he’s older) and massaging the excess into the back of my hands and cuticles. Mad luxe, I know.

If you’re looking at the great big GLYCOLIC printed on the label with a startled expression, have no fear. There are no sneaky acids in your oil to give you a surprise exfoliation when you least expect it, but rather that this is a home use product designed to compliment Endota’s new peel-licious glycolic day spa treatments. What’s the point of going the hard yards with in-spa treatments if you’re just going to let it all go fallow at home, right?
If I was financially liquid enough to give my skin a bit of TLC, I’d book myself in for the glycolic Fresh Start Series: 5×30 minute glycolic treatments, 1×1 hour spa peel. A total of 3 hours and 30 minutes for AU$430. Alas, it is not to be. You, however, should go look into it. One of us has to be extra radiant and fresh faced, and I want it to be you.

Nourishing Oil is AU$75 for 30ml and is available now from all Endota day spas and from EndotaDaySpa.com.au.

This item was a kind gift from Endota.

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