Dermalogica Clean Start mini skin kits

Much like Cthulhu, I have reawakened from my slumber. Unlike Cthulhu, I actively avoid crushing the world beneath my fearsome spectre and seek only to tell you about some funky new packs from Dermalogica’s little skincare sister company, Clean Start.

Dermalogica Clean Start mini kits

Dermalogica Clean Start mini kits

Clean Start is Dermalogica for young skin, focusing on efficacious skincare solutions for young skin that avoids cheap fillers, harsh ingredients and the rest of the unfriendly nasties often found in teen-orientated skincare. I’ve written before on the topic of acne and the unpleasant skincare options available in the nearest supermarket, plus back in the dim dark days when I was a skincare specialist my speciality was, you guessed it, young skin. We’re talking a pet subject here, yo.

Clean Start Day/Night 3-Step contains Welcome Matte SPF15 moisturiser (15ml), Wash Off foaming cleanser  (50ml) and All Over Clear purifying toner (50ml).
Clean Start Major Breakout contains Wash Off foaming cleanser (50ml), Bedtime for Breakouts overnight treatment (15ml) and Hit The Spot spot treatment (3ml).

Salicylic Acid is the hero of the range, with the cleanser, toner and acne treatments featuring amounts of salicylic acid in amounts from 0.5% to 2%. If you’re shuddering at the word ‘acid’, have no fear: salicylic acid is a BHA – beta hydroxy acid – that works only on the top few layers of skin to ‘unglue’ dead skin cells and gently exfoliate without being harsh or abrasive. What makes salicylic acid so great for hormonally oily teenage skin is that unlike water soluble AHAs (like glycolic- or lactic acids), salicylic acid is oil soluble. The oilier your skin, the more effective they are at gently exfoliating and clarifying your skin. When used in tandem with an appropriate moisturiser and sunscreen, a moderate amount of BHA use is the ticket to balanced, controlled teenage skin!

A couple of interesting product notes: Wash Off foaming cleanser is designed for the face, neck and body. If you get the occasional spot on your chest, incorporate this into your shower routine to encourage clear skin. Hit The Spot is a Benzoyl Peroxide-based spot treatment, making it suitable for whiteheads and other raised, non-cystic pimples. Bedtime For Breakouts is a thin oil-free gel with 2% salicylic acid – if you’re having trouble keeping your forehead smooth due to oil bumps caused by a long fringe, take this for a spin and I can promise you that you’ll have smoother skin in only a couple of weeks. Pinky promise.

Sounds good? Got a little brother or sister who needs a helping hand into the world of good skin? Clean Start mini kits are only AU$28 and are available now until September. Pop onto for more info and a list of Clean Start stockists in your area!

These items were provided by Dermalogica.

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  1. emmabovary

    I’ve always wondered about these mini Dermalogica’s, I have some from a Primped bag long ago but was worried that because my skin has some acne but isn’t crazily oily that it wouldn’t help me…:S

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