The Chap Reviews: Gillette Thermal Face Scrub and Intense Cooling Balm

Let tell you about the the yang to my yin, the light to my dark, the spider-killer to my ability to program household electronics. Let tell you about The Chap. Tough as teak and twice as seaworthy, lavishly inked and blessed with a salt-and-pepper beard that inspires envy in lesser men, The Chap is a shining example of old-school manliness.
Bless his heart, he’s also not afraid to be a guinea pig when it counts. I waved a few tubes of Gillette manly manly skincare for manly manly men in his direction a few weeks ago and after many 5AM uses, he’s finally returned his verdict.

Gillette - Thermal Face Scrub, Intense Cooling Balm

Gillette – Thermal Face Scrub, Intense Cooling Balm

Gillette - Thermal Face Scrub

Gillette – Thermal Face Scrub

The Thermal Face Scrub is a thick gel-cream with lots of fine scrubby particles and a clean, inoffensive scent. The texture is not unlike a fine polish, completely different to most Dude Scrubs that are super harsh and far too abrasive for even the most leathery of skins. The finest particles make it more appropriate to be used on a daily basis without leaving our poor menfolk sporting over-exfoliated skin.
The scrub is extremely high in magnesium sulphate, making it very suitable for gents who experience redness and inflammation when using regular abrasive scrubs. The large amount of MgSO4also makes this best used as a wet scrub rather than on dry skin, allowing just the right amount of slip without too much friction.

Of course I’d be remiss if I missed mentioning the thermal action. Yes, it warms up. Yes, it feels really awesome.

The Chap’s verdict: gave his skin a good scrub without being scratchy and coarse. Scrubby bits are fine enough to not get caught in his beard. Doesn’t have an overblown fake scent. Tick, tick, tick.
My verdict: a manly product that’s comparable to women’s skincare in terms of results and formula. Buy it for your other half and then pinch it for yourself every now and then.

Gillette - Intense Cooling Balm

Gillette – Intense Cooling Balm

The Intense Cooling Balm is an after shaving/as needed lightweight cooling lotion that promises to take the heat out of just-shaved skin. The Chap has been using this as an as-needed balm, given the small amount of shaving he does regularly to keep his beard well-groomed rarely results in raw and irritated skin.
The texture of this balm is incredibly light – a little bit seems to keep going forever and a twenty cent coin dab is more than enough to cover a full face and neck. The cooling sensation isn’t a brutal shock of menthol but it certainly adds a nice chilled sensation to the skin. It dries down to a matte finish, making it ideal for oiler skin. If your gents skin is a little drier or he works in air conditioning I wouldn’t advise using this as a moisturiser, but this balm would make a great stepping stone into skincare for, say, a teenager with oily skin.
The scent is generically masculine and pleasant without being overpowering. I don’t find it unpleasant but if you prefer your boy to sport more natural scents, then you may want him to go lightly on this.

The Chap’s verdict: not moisturising enough to combat the environmental factors at work, but it’s nice on days off when he’s lazing around the house. The lack of stickiness is a positive as he doesn’t have to worry about it getting all clumpy and gross if he accidentally goes outside the lines a little and rubs it into his facial hair.
My verdict: total honesty here – I’ve been ill for the past few days with a really high fever and I’ve been slathering my face with this every time I walk past the bathroom. When you’re dealing with a 41C fever anything that even remotely promises to cool your skin down is like mana from heaven!

Gillette - Fusion ProGlide

Gillette – Fusion ProGlide razor

Gillette’s shave skincare has been relaunched alongside the newest offering in their razor family, the Fusion ProGlide. Despite what my about page would have you believe, I don’t have fabulous sideburns and a killer moustache to carefully shape and shave with a fancy-pants razor. The Chap has taken the Fusion Pro Glide for a spin to tidy up his sideburns and hack away at the thicket under his jawline and the consensus was that it cleared away stubble on his softer skin without tugging or pulling, but the single blade for detailing was a little too wide and ungainly when compared to the little pop-out detail razor on his electric shaver. Fair call.

Gillette Thermal Face Scrub: AU$12.99 for 100mL
Gillette Intense Cooling Balm: AU11.99 for 100mL
Gilette Fusion ProGlide razor: Au$16.99

Gillette’s relaunched line of men’s grooming products and the new Fusion ProGlide razor are available now from all good supermarkets and pharmacies. Get ’em grooming, girls!

These items were provided for review.

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  1. cclarebear

    I am absolutely loving this review and will be shortly forwarding a link to my boyfriend who “doesn’t remember” to clean and moisturise his face.

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