OPI – Lincoln Park After Dark nail lacquer

Is there really much I can add to the reams and reams of words written about one of OPI’s stalwart nail shades, the blackened eggplant cream Lincoln Park After Dark? Probably not, no. Here, have a picture instead.

OPI - Lincoln Park After Dark

OPI - Lincoln Park After Dark

Two coats only, looks black in everything but direct light, chips like a fiend after two days. Nice.

(…told you I didn’t have anything new to add.)

OPI nail lacquers retail for AU$19.95 and can be found at all good nail salons, David Jones and selected spas across Australia.

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  1. Nesa

    oh no! Yah that’s the thing with skin care and beauty pdoructs in general! One thing may work for me but not others! But that’s the beauty of us we’re all different and beautiful in our own ways :]

    1. swatchgirl

      A lot of people have said that! I’ve got two bottles of LPAD, one pre-Big 3 and one 3 Free and they both chip like a fiend after barely a day. Such a shame because it’s such a killer colour!

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