Kiehl’s – Powerful Strength Line Reducing Concentrate

Understatement: I’m a big fan of vitamin C serums. A little topically applied vitamin C helps to give skin that lightful, lustrous, I’ve-had-eight-hours-of-sleep-and-a-glass-bubbly glow, as well as naturally smoothing out fine dehydration lines around the nose, cheekbones and forehead. For someone with fair, cool toned skin like myself who can easily looked ashen and washed out, a little touch of C in my skincare routine helps me from looking like a – admittedly fabulous – cadaver.

Kiehl's - Line Reducing Concentrate

Kiehl's - Line Reducing Concentrate

Powerful Strength Line Reducing Concentrate by Kiehl’s is a heavyweight contender when it comes to vitamin C serums, clocking in at a heavy 10.5%. The serum itself is a thickish gel-cream with a slight warming effect when applied to the skin. It doesn’t melt into the skin completely but rather has a faintly tacky ‘second skin’ feel to it, not entirely dissimilar to a thick face primer.

Kiehl's - Line Reducing Concentrate

Kiehl's Line Reducing Concentrate, before and after

It does have an instant smoothing effect which is nice, and after a few weeks I definitely noticed a silky smoothness across the top of my cheekbones (air conditioning dehydration), between my eyes (squinting when I don’t wear my glasses) and my forehead (Squinty McGee doesn’t wear her glasses in bed and pulls terrible faces when trying to read things on the telly). The downside is that my skin seems to take a particular dislike to vitamin C products over a certain percentage when applied frequently, and shows this displeasure in the form of fine sebum plugs across my cheeks and chin. They’re not a disaster by any means, but I do eventually find myself reaching for this serum every second night rather than wearing it every day just so my skin stays presentable and smooth.

If you’re looking for a topical line smoother with instant effects, you could use this product but you’d be missing the point just a tad. If you have ongoing fine lines caused by dehydration and/or your skin is looking a little dull, this potent line reducing concentrate might be just what you’re after to give you a bit’o’glow and smoothness.

Kiehl’s Powerful Strength Line Reducing Concentrate is AU$89 for 50ml, available from Kiehl’s stands at Myer and David Jones, their freestanding boutique in Paddington Sydney, and from Smooth on!

This item was a gift from Kiehl’s Australia.

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  1. Me, my best and I

    I’m on this bandwagon too- it’s really good shiz and I love how it feel soft and suedey and not greasy too.Definite winner. I have a few sample sizes but need to get me the grown up version I think when they are gone

  2. Alice

    I’ve recently started using a skincare system to try to get rid of my spotty skin, which (fingers crossed) it seems to be making a slight improvement, but OMG my skin is so so dry and my lines are now very prominent – this post couldn’t have come at a better time, definitely going to check this out, thanks! x

  3. cclarebear

    This is the best serum I’ve ever used. Thanks to you commenting on Kimmi’s skin and saying she has an inner glow after using vitamin c, I’ve been addicted to this little Kiehl’s darling. I’m like a missionary with it now ;)

    1. swatchgirl

      Yessssss join us on the C wagon. No matter how haggard I get, how much stress comes through my skin, all it takes is a week back in the vit C party and I can fake it until I make it.

  4. emmabovary

    I assumed this was just for ‘wrinkles’, very interesting post… have a sample at home and am tempted to try now. I’m a youngen with no real lines to speak of, but dehydrated skin that’s quite dull- do you think this would be good for me?

    1. swatchgirl

      Your skin is p much the same as mine, so this would be a treat on your skin.
      Ive been using this in tandem with Kiehl’s non-bleach whitening serum and my skin is glowing like mad. The vitamin C gives it pep, the whitening serum makes me glow like a lightbulb~

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