Dermalogica – Barrier Repair

Get in my handbag, Barrier Repair. Also get in my bedside drawer, my bathroom cupboard and in my make-up kit. And in my car. And in my partner’s car. You are my lifeline at the moment and I refuse to be parted from your soothing, skin-babying goodness.

Dermalogica - Barrier Repair

Dermalogica - Barrier Repair

Dermalogica’s Barrier Repair is a waterless silicon-based moisturiser/treatment hybrid designed to sooth irritated, sensitised and raw skin. A veritable cocktail of ingredients including stalwarts like vitamins C and E, oat extracts, evening primrose and starflower oils and Dermalogica’s own UltraCalming Complex all combine to dial down redness, itchiness, dehydration and the rest of the fun party express known as ‘reactive skin’.

Dermalogica - Barrier Repair

Dermalogica - Barrier Repair

It’s been a while since I’ve given a run-down on my skin, so here’s the skinny: my skin is normal-dry and rather thin. I get flushed quite easily and warm, dry air sends my skin into a dehydrated, papery tailspin. My cheeks feel tight and hot to the touch, and – if I haven’t used a preventative in the first place – the only way to calm my skin down is to go to town with a face mist. A car with warm air conditioning is a worst case scenario. After a few hours at work in winter air conditioning? Pink dolly cheeks. Flying for more than an hour in recycled plane air? Arrrrrrg.

If you follow me on twitter you no doubt would’ve read me being a bit of a sad baby lately because I haven’t been well. One of the ultra annoying side-effects of running a high fever for days is that my face feels like its been cooked: dry, papery, cherry-cheeked and tender to the touch.
Dermalogica’s Barrier Repair has been a godsend. A pea-sized amount applied morning and night/as needed takes the heat and sting away, plus the strengthening properties of avena sativa kernel oil – aka oat husk oil – manages to abate the horrible sensation that my skin is basically melting away into raw nothingness. If I was using this in conjunction with the UltraCalming Serum Concentrate I probably would’ve sailed through the past few days with nary a flushed cheek in sight.

Dermalogica - Barrier Repair

Dermalogica - Barrier Repair

My stars. It’s like freakin’ magic.

The downside to Barrier Repair is that it’s just not moisturising enough for my normal-dry skin. Depending on the day ahead I either layer it over a hydrating serum or a light creamy moisturiser to keep me trucking along for eight hours. If you have oily, oily-normal or normal skin, then chances are much better that this would have enough juice to keep your skin happy and perky.

Snaps are in order, Dermalogica. Your little tube of soothing goodness has kept my face from looking like a well-done steak for the past six days, and for that I thank you.

Barrier Repair retails for AU$64 for 30mL. Dermalogica products are available from Dermalogica concept stores, quality spas and skincare retailers. For a full stockist list, please visit Stay smooth!

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  1. Fieran

    I’ve never tried Dermalogica products, but for sensitive, dry skin (especially in Winter), I swear by Clarins Hydra Quench range… I use the Cream with SPF15 for Winter and the Cooling Cream-Gel for Summer. These moisturizers make a world of difference for my skin.

  2. redambition

    I love love love this product! A few years ago I went through a period where my skin was raw and red constantly, this was the only cream that helped. It’s also helped to heal eczema outbreaks on my hands – first sign of itchiness, just smooth this on and goodbye irritation.

    These days, if I’m feeling all rich and stuff, I buy it to use as a makeup primer. It’s always served me well in that capacity – nice and protective of my face with a perfect matte layer for the foundation to latch onto.

  3. tahillia

    OMG! i literally said, “Wow,” out loud! I need some of this for winter. I have oily skin in the summer but it tends to get really really dry when exposed to electric heat. I hope they have this same product here (although I’m not sure why they wouldn’t).

    1. swatchgirl

      I’m 99.99% sure that all Dermalogica products are available everywhere, so I’m sure it’s available locally!

      I love winter, but heated dry air can just get bent. Literally the only thing I don’t like about the cold season :(

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