Face of Australia – Molten Metallics part three

And here we are, the third and last part to my rundown of Face of Australia’s upcoming Molten Metallics nail collection! I thought it fitting that I’d finish with what I feel to be the polar opposites of the collection: the stand-out winner and the weakest colour.

Face of Australia - White Gold

Face of Australia - White Gold

Arrrgh White Gold, why you gotta hate a girl? You bubbled, you were super brush strokey and, worst of all, you chipped after a day. A day! I wanted to love you, White Gold. You’re an icy cold champagne, I’m a cool-toned fairbear… it should’ve been head over heels love at first sight.
My heart is broken, White Gold. You broke it :(

But! On the flip side, I’m dying to show you what I consider the stand-out colour in the Molten Metallics collection.

Face of Australia - Verdigris

Face of Australia - Verdigris

Short version: Verdigris is stunning.
Long version: Verdigris is a unique green shade completely unlike anything in my collection. Verdigris is soft sage with a tiny touch of olive to give it depth, plus just enough subtle gold pearl to give a sort of antique, aged look. It applied like a dream and wore like iron for the four days I had it on.

Face of Australia - Verdigris

Face of Australia - Verdigris

Seriously. It’s gorgeous! A couple of weeks ago I described Bloom’s Sibella II as gold with a touch of olive – Verdigris is the opposite side of the coin. I know I raved about Face of Australia’s Flaming Lava when I swatched it, but Verdigris just inches ahead of that red rocket by being a unique green that’s eye catching without being gaudy.

Molten Metallics will hit retailers like Priceline, K-Mart and good chemists starting from May through to August. They cost a princely AU$4.95 for 13mL, so skip the breakfast smoothie and buy some polish instead!

These products were provided for review.

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  1. Claire

    Verdigris is gorgeous! It’s such a great green with some gold in it. White Gold is sooo pretty! I wonder why it bubbles? I mean it can’t be that different a formula from the others?

    1. swatchgirl

      I honestly have no idea. Same base coat, same top coat, and I took extra care to buff the nail plate after seeing that everyone was having application issues.

      I mean, champagne colours are notoriously difficult to get right. There’s some black voodoo magic around them.

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