Dermalogica – Precleanse

Sometimes I find myself in the extremely rare position where I genuinely like a product so much that I find myself unable to talk about it in any kind of coherent, meaningful sense. I mean, you’re not reading this just because you want to see a nice picture and the phrase ‘if I could marry any cleansing oil, I’d marry this cleansing oil.’

…although if that’s what you really want to read, you should probably stop right about here.

Dermalogica - Precleanse

Dermalogica - Precleanse

The concept behind Dermalogica’s Precleanse is basic and to the point: by using a thin, gentle, water-soluble oil to remove make-up, sunscreen, pollution, road dust, sweat, oxidised sebum, Sydney and anything else mondo gross from your skin, your fancy-pants facial cleansers can devote all their time and energy (all their lather and AHAs?) to actually doing their job and getting your skin into tip-top cleanliness.
Makes sense, right?

I’ve used a few oil cleansers before – I spoke about Origins Clean Energy oil a few months back – to more or less good results. Sure, they get everything off, but I’m not a fan of the dry and tight over-cleansed feeling most commercial oil cleansers give me. All natural oil cleansing is a winner, sure, but who genuinely has the time and energy to go through the full routine and rigmarole it involves? After a long day at work it’s all I can do to stagger into the shower and sluice off my make-up, let alone juggle hot muslin cloths and vials of unicorn blood and whatever else The Natural Oil Cleansing Method(tm) requires.

Simplicity and effectiveness are my watchwords, right? Let me share my super technical method for using Precleanse:

  1. Turn on the shower.
  2. Squirt a little Precleanse into my palm and rub my hands together to evenly distribute it.
  3. Rub it into my face.
  4. Blindly stumble under the inevitably too hot/too cold shower and rinse rinse rinse.
  5. Follower with a chaser of my regular cleanser.
  6. Success!

What I’m really, really digging about Precleanse is that it’s an absolute winner if you’re inclined to hit up the gym after work. Rather than mess around with cleansing wipes that leave a lot of residue on your skin – definitely not a good idea if you’re about to get all hot and sweaty – or, quelle horreur, you work out with a full face of make-up, just take the simple option: grab a little Precleanse, whip off your make-up, pat your face dry, then go forth and sweat. Whilst Precleanse is great at getting everything off your skin, it’s not designed to totally deep clean to the point where you need lashings of moisturiser. If you feel like you need a little extra moisture in the meantime, a light oil-free gel keeps everything on the straight and narrow until you can get home and give your skin a proper buff’n’wax.

Precleanse is also part of Dermalogica’s range FITE affiliated products. The Belle Lumiere has the ultimate post about FITE and Dermalogica which I strongly suggest you take a moment to read – treat your skin, give something back. Golden.

Precleanse retails for approximately AU$65 for 150ml and is available at all good skin spas, selected pharmacies and at Adore Beauty.

This product was provided for review.

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